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returned $2.00 package of defective magnet " buttons "and clerk gave me a runaround. First she upset me and then I asked to see the manager. She said nothing but finally gave me a slip of paper saying it was a store credit. I had to stand in a check out line for ten minutes and clerk said I had to buy something to use the credit. So I grabbed a candybar and got in line for another ten minute wait ...again.!!!

Clerk took my credit slip and then gave it back to me and said "you still have a dollar credit. Also a couple weeks earlier in the same store. ( I am not to bright.. I guess. I went to the optical section of this store. The optician fitted me a pair of plastic contact

lenses. That night I had an really awful time removing the lenses for cleaning and overnight storage. The next day I went back and the optometrist gave

me new lenses which appeared to be better.!!!

I have been wearing contact lenses for 20 years and this was my worst experience ever. I feel lucky not to have had serious eye damage as a result of this situation.

I will not visit this store again!!!

Thank you,

Michael Pipitone

1530 Cherokee drive

Sainas Ca 93906


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I think that Wal-Mart is Penny Wise and Pound Foolish. They think that people are willing to be treated rudely and disrespectful just to save a few cents.

All that trouble that they gave you all over a two dollar item. They should have cheerfully refunded your money and thanked you for being a Wal-Mart customer.