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went to Walmart in woodruff sunday to return two pairs of paints. The girl behind the desk so oh ill have to wait for a manager to come so I waited it took for ever.So he looked on the computer and said you had three returns all ready for last month with no recite.

I said yes this is a new month; I don't always hold on to my recites.So he said no! you cant return them .So I said well my friend is here can he return them.He said now that you told me that no he cant. You people don't realize how much money I spend there. this sure is a way to lose a costumer.So I told him I was going to write a report on him he said go a head have a nice day so I did give him a few chorice words how roud.

If he dosent like his job there are plenty of other people out there that would love to have his job. He has a smart mouth.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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who needs receipts, just put it in your pocket and walk out wmart has billions of dollars.


There is a limit for a reason. I personally wont return something if i dont have a receipt for it.

Its embarrassing. Yes theres a limit of 3 returns with no recipient within a six month period. including exchanges .

why is it hard to keep your receipt? Give it to your mommy since you cant handle it like a normal adult.


Three no receipt returns in six months....learn to read policies and hold onto receipts. Might have better luck.


First of all if you are not capable of holding on to a receipt, and if you cannot spell simple words you have no right calling someone old enough to work a girl. Second, it does not matter if you had three returns without a receipt in a month which was a previous month.

The point if if you lost three receipts they won't accept refunds. I think you were the one behaving rudely. Following policy is not being rude. Another mistake an adult should not make.

An adult who calls other people girls when they are the one acting like a little girl. You will soon run places to shop at if you keep losing your receipts, because after three returns without a receipt, they will all be "rude". You are not as good with receipts as you claim if you can lose three in a month.

Perhaps if you lost three in a year it would be acceptable, but you cannot be good with your receipts if you lost three in a month. Your own fault for being careless.

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