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I just tried to exchange an item I received at my baby shower. The gift giver told me she forgot to get a gift receipt but that the item was bought at wal-mart.

I thought great I should have no problem exchanging this item. Wal-mart has always been so customer friendly and made returns easy for me. To my surprise I was mistaken about the Wal-mart in Cleveland Oklahoma. On this particular day I was sick and just realized I was completely out of diapers.

So I grabbed the item I needed to return and drove into town to Walmart. I was told that I could not just get the usual gift card for the amount of the return and that I would have to exchange for merchandise immediately. So I went back to get the diapers and they were completely out of the size I needed. I found the size in a brand and smaller package that I really didn't want but I needed them so I grabbed it and went to the desk to make my exchange and thought I could just get the left over amount on a gift card but no I was told I had to spend it that day and I was sick and did not have the time to do my shopping at that moment.

Never have I ever had this much difficulty making an exchange. Why if I planned on using the gift card at a later date at the same stored could I not just get the remainder balance. This was so frustrating and I just left the store with my original product. I will no longer be using this Walmart and maybe any other walmart for that matter.

I think that the return policies should be the same for every walmart store.

I guess for my next child my registries will not be for walmart!!!!

-Very Frustrated!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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Baby items are high theft. Having people exchange items that are high theft without proof of purchas is one way retail companies keep costs low.

Not that you did steal it, but if they were to just go on your word alone, then they would have to go on everyone's word.

Pretty soon costs would be through the roof and the store would close. ***.


I believe you when you said that you did not write the last comment. No one would admit to hurting their child where they can be traced.

However you yourself are acting childish. Like I said why does your husband not take care to get the diapers.

If he is the best dad in the world why can't he even bother to get the diapers for his child, sounds like he is not taking an active role in taking care of his child. He expects the women to do everything.


Wow some people really do need to grow up. Trying to pretend you are the author of this article and making comments about someones child that is in no way funny or appropriate is just ridiculous.

I am married to my child's father and he is the best dad in the world and neither of us would ever harm our child.

I will never post again on this site because I do not have the time for these childish comments. Seriously people get a life!!


It is people like you who make us parents angry enough not to think about what we are doing and to shake our babies to the point where they are mentally retarded. Don't post on my letter.

It is very stressful after you have a baby. Infact I will stop replying to these letters and looking at the responses. I would not want to permentely harm my child because you guys made me angry. Leave me alone I am a single 178 year old mother living on my own.

I have enough worries on my hand than to have to worry about you. I admit when I was having sex with my boyfriend I was not thinking right.

I don't have a husband Jason. My "boyfriend" dumped me after he found out I was pregnant.


Yeah, well you and your friend Brett can pick up a bar of soap to clean out your mouth from the way you reply to people that write letters.

As for the OP, if your friend forgot to give you a gift receipt, and you had no receipt they can't really do much. Like someone said they are cracking down because of thieves and scammers.

You are not a scammer but there are people out there who would pick up an item from the shelf, claim they got it as a gift and make up some BS story of why they are returning it and get money for something which was never purchased in the first place. I would put blame on those that try to cheat the system, who make the policies toughter for all of us and possibly the gift giver for not sending the receipt as well.


Like I said you should have bought a pair of diapers for yourself since you are so childish. Where is the babies father in all this.

If you had a cold should you not sent him to get the diapers. I would guess that he is either one of those deatbeat parents that expects the mother to do all the work or you had unwed sex.


I DID ask for the manager and had to stand there for 11 minutes until she finally arrived. Then she told me the same thing so my complaint it to the store.

Not the associate. And to Jason Tillo my child needed diapers...

therefore even if I am sick as in I had a cold.. I still have to suck it up and go to the store for my baby boy.


I am very sorry to hear that you had to deal with that situation but, did you stop and think that it wasnt WALMART that, it could have been the associate just being a ***? I know for a fact that you can either get cash back or a gift card depending on the item and if you have a receipt. So if i was in your spot, I would have asked for a manager.


Usually Wal-mart takes returns back from any store without proof of purchase. People have been known to get a gift at Target, then take it to Wal-mart and get money for it or exchange it because they have lenient return policies.

I am glad to see that they are being tougher with their returns.

It keeps the prices low because of the dishonest people. To bad you had to go through this.


Perhaps you should have bought a pair of diapers for yourself since you are acting childish. Why the heck did you go shopping when you were sick. Were you sick as in sick, or sick as in sick in the head.