I received the most HORRID customer service at the Walmart in Plymouth, MA last night by a woman named NANSY. Don't shop at this location unless you like to be treated with complete disrespect.

I work in customer service and would never treat any of my customers like that... EVER.

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So, what happened? Your complaint leaves a lot to the imagination.


i was at walmart in san jacinto ca. I return an item purchased by credit.

the cashier ask me if i wanted cash or put back to credit. i asked for cash, like i always do . but this time i was deny by a supervisor. cashier was ready to hand me the money.

also the store selves are empty . wait is long in all department. my son wanted gum and it wont scan.

i needed envelops, could not find it. needed help cant find any staff.


PS when I could not get the gum for my son he cried, I slapped him and they called security on me. I was annoyed with cashier and store and my son so I slapped him across the face.


How was Nancy rude to you, the fact you failed to mention how she was rude to you makes me wonder if you are leaving parts of the story out. Or are you one of those people who mistake being told no as rude. If so I am sure you were rude to customers, and you sound more like a six year old than someone who holds a job.


you are anonymous, nobody cares what you have to say troll.


They are not trolling, the person posting this is leaving things out, which makes me as well wonder her behavior.