I can not believe there's so many registers at walmart but they only have like 2 or 3 open and lines take forever bc walmart can't hire ppl to have more registers open it's rediculous why so many registers if ur not going to use them just a waist of space.

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Learn how to spell and maybe people will take you more seriously.


Don't WASTE your time complaining about Walmart and registers. They have heard this complaint tens of thousands of time and choose to do nothing. Save your breath.


And like the poster below said, it is a matter of economics. Hiring more people would cost WM money and their prices would go up. Grow up and learn to have some patience.


Judging from your spelling and grammar you have no idea how the real world works so you have no right complaining. The reason they don't hire more cashiers is so they can sell their prices lower.

If you are an adult, schooling was obviously a waste of time and chair space.

If you don't want long line ups ask your parents to take you elsewhere when you shop. If you are an adult, with spelling and grammar like this I can't imagine you getting a decent paying job, so shut up and learn how to be patient because if they hired more cashiers the prices would go up and you would be forced to shop at thrift shops.