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While shopping in the store tonight my daughter who was right by my side was yelled at by a store associate several times. The associate did not approach me but felt she had the right to yell at my child who was standing on a skate board to see if she liked it to get one.

She was holding on to me while I was looking at a bike seat. Never again! Nobody has the right to yell at my kids.

She could have approached me and said she had a concern. You can't treat people that way.

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dumb. if she fell and died you'd blame


Sorry, but this is horrible parenting. You may think that injured feelings are a bad thing, but at times it's a good thing.

Your child needs to learn to toughen up and take responsibility for her actions instead of blaming others. Don't get me wrong, my mother has defended me on certain things and has punished me. However, I know which lines I shouldn't cross. Your daughter could have hurt somebody and frankly, she SHOULD'VE known better.

She is 14, there's no excuse. As a mother, you need to teach your child to practice safety. It's called common sense.

Use your judgement or lose your child. Speaking of balls, why don't you grow some and tell your kid no every once in a while?


It is the associates job to keep everyone in the store safe. They were doing their job. You weren't doing your job as a parent, which is keeping your kid safe.

First Born Triplet

Yet if your child got hurt while on the skateboard you would sue the company, seriously they should have asked your child more politely though, however you should be watching her.


You obviously weren't telling your daughter that it was UNSAFE to be on a skateboard in the store so somebody had to say something.


No one has the right to yell at her though, I had to home school her because a teacher got angry and kept her in for not doing her homework. I did not know about this, until one day she came home crying saying that the teacher wanted to meet with me because she got into a fight with another student because the other student would not let her borrow her math homework because she forgot to do it a second time.

She not only got detention for this but was kept in for recess to do her math homework. No one has a right to make her cry and yell at her. If possible I were the manager of that store I would fire the employee. Math is not my favorite subject so I had to hire a special tutor for this and I had to fire her because she made my daughter cry and accused her of not studying when she failed a test, bad math comes from the genes.

My daughter is now 14 years old looks small for her age,(she looks more 10 than 14) and I have been home schooling her for six years now because the teachers like to verbally abuse the students, same with the employee. I will not have someone verbally abuse my daughter and yell at her. She was just going to test the skateboard. She did not get a chance to ride it around a bit because as soon as she stepped on it she was told to get off.

They should be glad that my daughter and I still bought it after she was verbally abused by this employee. The only reason I bought it was because my daughter wanted to skateboard home and the store was two miles away from home. If my daughter had not wanted the skateboard now I would have bought it at Target. The only reason I bought the skateboard was to keep her happy.

I went to complain to the manager and she lied and said she asked my daughter nicely to get off the skateboard. Does not matter anyway because it is not up to her to discipline my child.

What a bully picking on a 14 year old who looks ten. Verbally abusing her.


You know what your daughter needs to learn that there are consequences to her actions, if she does not complete her homework she has to follow the same rules as the other students and get detention. If she is getting into fights because other students refuse to allow her to copy their homework than she has to deal with the consequences.

If she does not study for her math test, her tutor has every right to be disappointed and tell her to study harder.

Yeah people are going to punish your daughter for her actions, it is called consequences, however it won't emotionally scar her, what will is your always treating her like she is still eight years old. Are you going to make up excuses every time she messes up?


And that is fine. But the employee should have addressed the parent, not the child.

I think employees who speak to the child while ignoring the parents do so because they don't have the balls to speak to another adult.

They are more comfortable speaking to a child because they feel superior. In other words, they are cowardly.


We are not talking about a child here, we are talking about a young teen. The mother needs to step up to the plate instead of always making excuses for her child's behavior.

She pulled the child out of school because the child got punished for breaking rules and the mother was not too happy with that. She hired a math tutor and fired her because the math tutor made the child cry. At this rate this girl is going to grow up to be a wimp who cannot defend herself and also be a self centered brat who thinks the world owes her because mommy never sees wrong in her. What is cowardly would be if she did what triplet suggested and sue the store if her child got hurt.

Even if the child looked ten and the child was doing something unsafe here that does not make the employee a coward. I bet if the employee approached the mother the mother would tell her off because from the reply from the mother it seems the daughter is always in the right and everyone else is wrong.

it seems the daughter can do as she pleases and no one can say a thing to her. I understand wanting to protect your child but this is ridiculous.


This is why kids today are so disrespectful. They are not taught to follow rules.

They are not taught that there are consequences for breaking the rules. This seems like a classic case of that.

I will be 26 in a few days. I recall a couple teachers in high school who would fuss at students for not doing homework or following the rules and the teachers were reprimanded.

This is why our country is in such bad shape.


What if the parent was not in the same aisle as the kid? What is the employee to do?

Allow the 14 year old to have an accident while doing something she KNOWS is UNSAFE? The girl is old enough to know better than that.

The associates have to make sure the store is safe. That clearly includes asking someone to stop doing something that is unsafe, which is probably what actually happened.