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I applied at walmart went through the interview and drug text pass all that they denied me the job because i had a battery and dui but kids in the car with me so child endangerment case. Not fair. What do i do i need to work.

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OH BOO HOO, I can't land a job because I am have a drinking problem and like to hit people when I drink. They don't want that. From what I read and heard customers can be real bit*hes in this store, they are probably afraid you would punch one of them out or something when they acted like one.


Try mcdonalds, they'll hire anyone. Fact of the matter is, you are any adult, you made your choices, now you have to live with the consequences.

First Born Triplet

You are trolling right?


You need to grow p and get your act together. They don't want to hire cowards who abuse drugs as well as their wives and children.

I am surprised they are even allowing you to keep your children with your drug abuse and child abuse. We should all be writing to CPS about how children from loving homes are taken from their parent while people like you are allowed to keep their children.


Calm down junior. This person does not say anything about taking drugs or being charged with drug offenses.

They said they took a drug test as part of the employment process, but were denied a job due to a previous DUI, child endangerment charge (kids in car) and a battery charge. They don't state when any of that happened, it could have been many years ago. Even people with previous charges need employment.

They need an income. If this person has paid their debt to society, I think employers should be more flexible with providing jobs to otherwise qualified applicants.


You are right they did not say anything about drugs, they had a dui. However they are still a coward.

Any "man" that abuses children or women is a coward. Had he been confronted by someone his own size he would probably run away with his tail between his legs. Maybe he would have more of a sense of what is right and what is wrong if he stopped drinking.

He should have been thought about his future before hitting someone. It does not matter if this happened one year ago, or five years ago, any man that lays a finger on a woman or child is a coward.


It should not matter if I paid my debt to society or not, I need a job, I was recently kicked out of my home and right now I go to dinner at friends houses. I was released from jail two months ago because of dui and battery, and child endangerment.

I am limited to the type of jobs I can get, I am not allowed to work with children,(which I don't want anyway, or with the elderly or vulubarble people. I thought I could get a job here but I was rejected. This is not the only time I was rejected, I am finding it hard to get a job anywhere and they all require a criminal background check. My ex wife sent me the wrong message when I saw her talking to another man.

This is why I have the battery charges because I thought she was cheating on me, which is a misunderstanding.

The misunderstanding is her fault, she was talking to another man and I thought she was cheating on me. It is so unfair, all I want is a *** job and no one is giving me one because they all want a criminal background check.


You assaulted someone because your wife was talking to someone else? Get real, neanderthal.

You chose to drink and drive with your children in the car. You chose to assault another adult person. Now you want advice on how to get a job?

Hang yourself, you useless piece of ***. The world will be a better place afterwards.


My children were taken from me after this incident and the other person is correct it happened a while back, this was eight months ago around the Christmas holidays. I had a few too much to drink and my children were with me in the car.

The good news is their mother is also unfit to be with them and they are in care, the bad news is that *** gets visitation rights and I don't. Also that *** deserved it because I thought at that time she was cheating with another man when I was her talking to another man, if she is dating me she has no right to see another man. I took care of her after her husband died, and this is how she repaid me, frankly that *** deserved to get pushed around. All I want is a job so that I can find a place to live.

I was recently kicked out of my parents house because I got into an argument with my younger brother. life is so unfair and it is unfair that she gets to have visitation with my children and I don't. I just want a job, and this is not the only company that rejected me, there are not many companies that don't ask for a criminal background check and it is so not fair.

I had to eat at a friends house and I sometimes stay overnight but I cannot do this all the time, especially if the friend has children. I am not allowed near children because I once hit my *** ex wife and have a battery charge, that *** is ruining my life and it is so unfair.


Explain how life is "unfair" when YOU decided to beat your wife for having friends. News flash YOU DO NOT CONTROL HER because she's your gf, she's allowed to have friends and a social life.

People like you make me sick. I hope you never get a job because you're an *** who think as women as PROPERTY WHEN THEYRE NOT!

I'm happy for her that you got locked up and she can be with her kids. Go screw yourself you *** deserve to be the miserable piece of *** you are good day