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I was in Walmart at the 101 and camelback the store was HOT they do not keep the ac at a decent level for people to be comfortable also they had a flood in women's restroom it smell like SEWER you make billions off of the people and yet you can't even maintain your facilities or be pay your workers decent wages so they would do a superior job now I know you are not for people but for what you can make the usual greedy people!!!

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Apparently you weren't alive back in the day when there weren't any stores that had air conditioning and guess what he customers and the employees all lived. Did it ever occur to you that maybe nobody had mentioned the condition of the restrooms to an employee.

They can't be aware of it if nobody complains about it. As far as what WalMart pays their employees have you compared their wages with other retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and fast food places. I would be willing to bet they are all about the same within a dollar an hour.

i know from experience the discount stores are and I also know there are factories that only pay minimum wage. Grow up and find something really serious to complain about.


You sound like you are six years old, perhaps the flood was just there five minutes ago because another little girl like you did not tell her mommy she had to use the washroom on time, perhaps they just maintained the restroom but another little girl like you waited until the last minute to tell mommy she had to use the restroom?