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Screw Wal-Mart treating every single customer like a criminal. As if we are all thefts.

Hate how half retarded people are checking our reciepts and bags. Im never shopping Wal-Mart again.

I make daily stops ill choose cub. Better customer service its worth the extra 20 cents

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First off, theft is the action or crime of stealing. A person who commits theft is a thief, so you meant to say "As if we are all thieves."

Second, if you are complaining about loss prevention, their job is to catch thieves--or "thefts" as you passionately call them.

If there weren't bad people in the world, you wouldn't have this problem. I'd say what happened was that the EAS alarm went off as you exited the store. If that happens, the people greeter must check your receipt and your items. The cashier may not have disabled the security device with one of your items.

That happens. Don't be so defensive.

Also, thieves--or "thefts" for you--ruin things for customers and employees alike. For customers, the prices rise as a result of theft. You will notice how I said theft.

Theft is the action about which I was talking so it would be appropriate to use in this context. Also, as a result, security is stepped up. For employees, our bonuses are affected by it. Yes, I work at Walmart.

Those people who are supposed to be helping out you customers would like you to leave our bonuses alone.

As I said before, don't be so defensive. People have jobs to do. Don't take it so personally. These people do not know you and I am sure they weren't treating you like a criminal.

For all they know, you could have been. If the employee had a poor attitude about it, then I can understand why you are angry.

In that case, you should notify a manager in that store. If you aren't satisfied, follow the chain of command until you are either satisfied or everything that can be possibly done is exhausted.


You do realise that when somebody steals then the prices could increase, correct? Due to probable cause, they have the right to ask you.

The money has to come from somewhere, kid.

Somehow the costs have to be covered. They ask everyone for a receipt, it's their job.


I have only been in one Walmart that wanted to check my receipt, and that was because I had merchandise in the cart that was not bagged. Understandable.

I personally do not have a problem with receipt checkers as it takes just a couple seconds and it cuts down on theft. Theft causes increased prices, so if something as simple as showing a receipt helps prevent me from paying higher prices, I am all for it.


Perhaps before calling people retarded you should learn how to spell correctly. People will take you more seriously if you spell and write proper sentences.

If you have nothing to hide you should have no problem showing your receipt, you also have the option of saying no. (something a lot of single mothers collecting welfare should have also said.0