Atlanta, Georgia

I tried to return a car battery and was told I would not be able to get a refund.The battery was bough 2 days prior to the attempted return.

The manager was hiding out in another department avoiding me.

After 40 mim.And numerous attempts by staff to get him to assist me, The manager informed me that WalMart would not be able to refund my buttery even when it was brought back in perfect condition un- used

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What was the reason given for not accepting return of the battery?


Receipts are required for battery car battery returns with in 90 days and unused.Your original complaint is invalid due to you revealing to us you did not have the receipt and the fact that you shoved it in the managers face just shows me how much a child you are for wanting to have the last word when you should never have it in the first place because the manager was right about the policy.

As regards to Kevin he is an *** hired by some company to provide disinformation about Walmart. In one thread he is defending Walmart and others he is talking about how *** Walmart is. So the policy is hung in the automotive department, is on your receipt, posted in customer service and online.

There is no reason why you should be arguing about the policy.


I work the service desk, and if he had his reciept, there is no reason they shouldn't have returned. Batteries are 90 days with reciept. After 90 days, if you have a reciept you can exchange, if it is within the warranty period, and the battery tests as a bad battery.

to Anonymous Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1022489

I did not have the receipt with me at the time of the return okay.Also I had to dig the receipt out of the trash to show kevin that I did not lose the receipt.

Besides at least I am not a child molester like you are. I don't want any child molesters responding to my complaint. Yeah it does say at the back of the receipt that the batteries can be returned within 90 days. But I lost the receipt and found it after the manager refused to allow me to make the return.

I then came back and shoved it in his face and said look I have the receipt I am not a thief.

He saw me as a threat and called security on me and asked me to leave the store.So shut the *** up ***.


Nowhere on the receipt dose it mention that a battery cannot be returned.

to sjrahm Orange, California, United States #1022214

Now that proves you did not have the receipt, because the receipt clearly says that the battery cannot be returned.It is obvious you are lying about that.

Then again you lied when you said walmart is my favorite place to shop. If you had the receipt you would have brought it up in the original review. If you had the receipt you would have read the return policy of batteries. Not only is it stated on the receipt.

WHICH YOU DID NOT HAVE. But also there are signs posted on the walls in the department.

Not their fault you cannot read hard word.(the ones more than three letters) If you really do have the receipt have a literate person read it to you since clearly you are illiterate.


I did have the receipt as well as the core charge receipt.IN Hand

and as far as the manager avoiding me...

that is true. I could see him hanging out in the sporting goods avoiding me.

I'm sure he had other stuff to do, but it should never take 30+min to take care of a return.I did look at Wal-Marts return policy online and there is no mention of excluding batteries from being returned and when i purchased the battery the cashier never mentioned that it could not be returned.

to sjrahm Orange, California, United States #1021705

Remember he has other stuff to do, you are not the center of the universe.If you were an adult you would know this and you would wait patiently.

The reason the cashier did not explain that the battery could not be returned was that as an adult she expects you to know how to read. She has no idea that you are illiterate.

If you really had the receipt as you claim you would see this at the back of the receipt.


If you had kept the receipt you could have had a refund. How hard is it to keep the receipt until you're sure you have what you need?

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1021380

I agree funny how someone old enough to drive acts like a toddler. I doubt the manager was avoiding him. Probably had other people to deal with, and the OP being self centered as he is probably thought he was more important and that the manager should drop everything and help him.

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