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Got a PS3 for Christmas. Already have a PS3. Find out the new gift system was purchased at walmart. I took the unopened system in to return for store credit. The customer service rep opened the box (ripping it in the process), and pulled all the contents out to check the serial number on the system to the box. They match of course, and she scans it through. The register screen I can see shows the system with the price and tax stuff for the refund, and the customer service rep stops to ask the manager what to do since I don't have a receipt. Manager says store credit. The rep then does something and has to scan the barcode again on the box. She asks if all the parts are there and I tell her I never opened it. She says I did because the seal is broken. I tell her she opened it, and she ignores me. She scans the box AGAIN, and the register says manager approval required. The manager comes over and shows me a reciept from about three feet away that she printed off the register and says the system is from last year. Refused to allow me to return it because it was open and from last year. She ignored my statement that the rep opened the box and said it didn't matter because they couldn't take the old product.

I have no control over when my Christmas gifts are purchased, and after this I checked and the store still sells the same product in the same box, so there was nothing preventing this product from being returned and put back on the shelf before it was opened by customer service.

Now I have an unused game system in an open, partially ripped box that I do not need or want and no way to exchange it at any walmart location because the representative opened and damaged the box. I also have the humiliation of walking back through the crowded returns area with game box in hand to leave the store, and being treated like I was trying to cheat the store or something by the customer service rep and manager.

There was no reason I should not have been allowed to exchange an unwanted Christmas present at the store that originally sold the product when the store still sells the product and it was unopened when I handed it to walmart's representative, and I cannot understand why a sealed box was opened in the returns process or why the product being made last year prevents it from being returnable this year when the PS3 has not changed packaging or design in the past year.

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The Thief

Wal-Mart has screwed me over time and time again so I decided to start giving Wal-Mart a taste of their own medicine.Yeah, I'll go thru the checkout with a Coke and happily pay the $1.09 the cashier asks me to pay, unbeknownst to everyone that I'm walking out of there with over $150 worth of merchandise.

Go ahead and judge me, I know you will, but I really don't care what judgemental people think about me.Wal-Mart messed with the wrong person this time, and I will not sit back and take it.

to The Thief Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #921920

Since Walmart is getting a taste, what's your real name?

First Born Triplet
to realm188 #921975

You don't have to get his real name, just report his posts to your local police station and they will trace him, or forward this to walmart and have the police IP trace him. Most likely it will be a waste of time and they will find he is trolling though.


In your original report you said this: "I took the unopened system in to return for store credit."

Then in your response you said this: "I packed and sealed the box nicely before returning it and said it was a Christmas gift and that is why I had no receipt."

In the same response you said: " I still had the receipt for the PS3"

So first you said it was unopened, then you said you packed it (that means it was open).Then you said you have the receipt and then said you had no receipt.

You clearly are a liar and were trying to pull a fast one.

They caught you and now you are complaining.You should be ashamed of yourself.

to ransom #921786

That is what I told Walmart to get past the 14 day return policy.I have the receipt, but it is dated January 15 2014.

I left it at home to get a gift card. Had no idea they could track when the item was purchased.

Told them it was a gift that is why I did not have a receipt.How hard is this to understand.


You need mommy or daddy to read the policy for you.If the product was bought even last year it is past the 90 day return policy.

In other words one year is past 90 days.

to KevinRichards Valrico, Florida, United States #921554

I am not a child so I don't need to ask mommy to read things for me.I still had the receipt for the PS3, but I did not bring it along because I knew that since it was past the 90 days which BTW *** is 14 days for electronics.

I knew that they would not give me a refund. I wanted a PS4 badly, I did not have enough money for it. By the time I saved up it was past the 14 day return policy. I decided to wait until the 26th of December to return it hoping to get a store credit at least but I never got that.

I don't know how they knew how to find out when the item was bought. I packed and sealed the box nicely before returning it and said it was a Christmas gift and that is why I had no receipt. I was embarrassed at the way I was treated. I was treated like a criminal when all I wanted was a gift card.

With that and the money I saved up I could have bought a PS4.

to Anonymous #921620

So you basically tried to scam walmart into giving you in store credit, they found out the truth and rejected it, and you make a complaint because of your own selfish gain?You knew it was passed 90 days.

The item is scanned and recorded into the system at the time of purchase and tagged into the system with the receipt id which is how they found out.

Grow up kid.If you wanted a PS4, save up some more then go buy it, or look on ebay for some deals.

to Anonymous Mannford, Oklahoma, United States #921917

You feel that you were treated as a criminal because you were acting like one.You lied to them and you lied in your review.

Did it not occur to you that you can just get on the internet and sell it? Or that you could sell it in person? I go on Amazon and find used consoles all the time.

If you don't want to be treated like a criminal then don't act like one.This is your fault.

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