I hate how walmart has a thousand cash registers but only 3 are open .

Theres more than 3 costumers , and more than 3 employees .

Put your employees to work , and tell them to stop being lazy .

Also employees are really rude to customers , that should be fixed .

Some of them are racist , that should stop immediately !

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Okay before anyone comments keep in mind that this person is three years old therefore they don't know how to count. I seriously doubt there are a thousand cash registers.

Not only that but if there was no one on this sales floor because there are too many cashiers this child would complain about that as well. We cannot blame this child though, we must blame the parents for not keeping him busy and occupied.

Also playing the race card, that is most likely from them not giving him preferred treatment. We cannot blame him for that since he probably learns this playing the race card behavior from mommy and daddy.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #832120

Never met racist ones.

I know right!

Open up some *** registers!

There's like Millions of people in one lane!

God Dammit!

Findlay, Ohio, United States #832055

And yet if all the associates were on registers and not working in their departments (which I'm sure is what they were doing and not being lazy) then you would just complain that there were no associates on the sales floor because they were all up front.


The sky is too blue and kids these days don't respect their elders! That guy, over there, what is he standing around for!?

Somebody show him the value of a little elbow lint and some good old fashioned sweat!

We use to have to earn our chicken biscuits! Get off my lawn!

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