Astoria, Oregon
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My husband and I used to spend 200 to 300$ + a week in our Wal Mart in Richland, WA. But because they don't stock anything anymore we found it was a waste of our time to shop there.

Dog food and dog treats not stocked for months coffee creamer in sugar free out for 2 months nothing ever on shelves produce out of date in 3 days or less what a waste to even put that on shelves went to get packaged salad I just watched be put out had 3 days to being out of date,it's a shame see lots of employees standing around doing nothing.rude employees they get nasty with you if you say something to them about nothing being on the shelves.We will not be shopping there anymore Albertson's and Fred Meyer's are the go to stores now.

What a shame the employees in this store have no integraty managers are just there to turn a key nothing more. Most of the employees of this store are rude and NOT helpful at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Salad.

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Yeah well, when all of your suppliers are in China, it's probably pretty easy to occasionally run out of supplies. Walmart sucks.

How about everyone start supporting OUR country and stop supporting Walmart for sh*tting on the country they call home and do business in. They don't give a crap about America, or Americans. I definitely don't care if their prices are cheap. Most crap from China IS cheap.

Can you imagine how much better America would be doing if the largest/richest retailer actually supported America by buying and selling AMERICAN made products? I, along with MANY others, don't shop at Walmart for that very reason. And also because their China crap is just that, crap. Crap that doesn't last.

You get what you pay for when it comes to Walmart. I think it's BS that anyone supports that disgusting company.


My guess is you work for Walmart. Why else would someone be SO offended that they left a negative review?

Either that or you spend your time trolling peoples reviews just to nitpick on punctuation. Boring life huh? Then you waste all that time harassing them because they misplaced a dollar sign, so you call them unintelligent, because they should've learned that in elementary school right? Yet you cannot even spell the word "crap".

Crap is one of those 1st grade words, those incredibly simple 4 letter words, very very easy to sound out and spell. Oh the hypocritical irony


Well if you are going to blame the employees for the items not being on the shelf of course they are going to react nasty. It is not their fault the items are not stocked.

You are old enough to be married so I assume you are old enough to go around asking for help when you think people are standing around doing nothing, they are not mind readers they don't know you need help unless you ask for help. You call them rude, that makes you a hypocrite since your you and your husband go around throwing temper tantrums like two seven year olds if an item is not in stock. With your attitude I would not want to help you either. I am sure if you and your husband did not throw temper tantrums and blame the employee for the items not being in stock you would get treated better.

You get treated the way you present yourself. Please don't have children, you and your husband are meant for each other because you both have bad social skills but please don't pass your genes on to someone else by having children.


The "$" goes before the number if you are writing a figure. It's $300, not 300$.

You learned this in elementary school.

If you aren't smart enough to realize this, then you aren't smart enough to write a review. How can any person take you seriously if you write creap like this?


Come on, this is a review site, not an English test. You know what they meant by 300$, so don't be a j erk.


I know what he or she meant but I still think this person appears to be unintelligent. Is it so difficult to put the "$" before the number?

What is with this trend?

First Born Triplet

Yeah well you spelled c-r-a-p wrong. You should have put a comma before meant and but.

Looks like you are not perfect yourself. The first one we can excuse since you want to get by the filters, but the misplaced comma? I do agree with the detailed poster though, of course the employees are going to get nasty if they are yelled at because the items are not in stock.

It is not their fault it comes from higher up, the warehouse, and even then if they have a decrease in a certain item from the supplier the warehouse won't have it either. Blaming them for something out of their control is rude and childish.