Houston, Texas
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Like many people I went to Walmart nation wide their is never enough people working check out. My last experience was it.

I had about $300 worth the merchandise in cart. My wife and I got in one of the 3 lines open. I went to the McDonald's in store got dinner because line wasn't moving my wife stayed. I came back with food and I went to empty lane and put my dinner their and took my time and ate it every bit and finished my big tea .

My wife still didn't have stuff on conveyor belt yet. I had enough told my the *** with this. We left and left everything right their. Now we buy groceries at Kroger great food and fuel points & fast and courteous check out great fuel points.

My other business is with Target & JC Penny.

Better service friendly staff and piece of mind. Bye bye Walmart hope you lose more business with your greed for money and lack of dignity & integrity.

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