Lehigh Acres, Florida

Shopping carts all over the neighborhood , even in middle of some streets , just misses one turning corner on motorcycle, they need to do something

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Yes Kevin Richards they should go collect them.You have no idea how bad this is here.I live here I know. They should have a truck and drive around to pick them up.But they make more money claiming them as a loss on their insurance. How can you comment on something you have no clue about?


They should install an underground fence like they use for dogs. When someone tries to take one out of the parking lot a shocking bolt of electricity could be sent through the handlebar.


What do you want them to do, go across the whole neighborhood and collect them. I think the problem is people just take them and leave them on the street.

I mean if they were in the parking lot I can see you complain but once they are off store property they cannot do anything.

Question what is a seven year old like yourself riding a motorcycle?


He's trying to live like a Rolling Stone.