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I was fired from Walmart and 2 of the Assistant Managers Kim Gleason and Mike Long said that I was rehirable in 2 month's then I came in 2 months after that and waited for Walmart to call me back and I never got a call back from them. They lied to me and I will never talk to them again!

I found another job that pays more than Walmart can afford!

I don't trust Kim Gleason, Mike Long, Trudy Waddell and Dave Gracia they are a bunch of backstabbers! This Walmart is in McCook, Nebraska.

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Let me explain something: being rehireable and being WANTED back are two completely things. Being rehireable just means that the system won't red flag your application as an instant no.

Management can still make the decision to deny a job offer.

If you were fired in the first place there must have been a reason so they probably chose not to rehire you, even if you were rehireable. I wish your new employer the best of luck.