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I been shopping walmart since the day they had open. Once a week and occasionally 2 or 3 days a week.

Tonight was the last night I will ever step foot in the doors of walmart and I will be letting everyone I know of the dishonest way they do business. I went to buy fabric and I found some in the Clearence section I got to the register and told the girl it should be on clearance and she said no item was found. The manager took the item back to fabric department. The rude lady in that department said it was a promoltional item to draw customers in to buy fabric.

I said that is not right that you would stick promotional item in a clearance section. So I walked out of the store wanting that fabric so bad and The fact that they did nothing to make me a satisfy customers. I am a manager of a business that is always doing the right thing to keep our customers happy and coming back. No matter what customers are always right.

And walmart dose nothing to keep there customers happy.

I Feel that she should have done something to help me make that sale that walmart now lost plus a long time customers and many more due to me letting everyone I know about how walmart does business. Thanks walmart for letting a good customer down.

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Unfortunately walmart no longer cares what its customers think. Theyve grown rich to the point where theyll always be rich no matter what so they simply dont care what you or i think. Since Sam Walton passed on and his freak of a drug head drunken daughter took over well the customers opinion no longer matters.


Anonymous. You must live in Washington, DC


I seriously doubt you are a manager. You don't even have simple first grade grammar skills, (putting capitals for proper nouns, not knowing the difference between a girl and a grown woman) I like how you call the employee a "girl" when you don't know proper grammar taught in the first grade. Also only a child would think because you told everyone about your experience they will stop shopping there.


Well like I said I am a manger of a business and if my employees shop there hey will be fired, I live in a state where you don't have to have a reason to fire someone.


You have a good point but you forgot to mention one thing, only a little girl would mistake being told no as being rude. You could be right about her not being manager, had she been manager she would know about promotional items and this person does not.

I don't think she is a little girl as you state but sure acts as if she is 7 years old.

BTW my nephew just finished the first grade and he learned that a proper noun like Walmart should begin with a capital and he also learned how to spell simple words such as does. He knows the difference between does and dose.