Winchester, Kentucky
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I shop at the winchester wal-mart in Ky. I am tired of every time I go in regardless of what time it is there are only one or two check out lanes to purchase your items open at either end if the store...why do they have 20 registers if they're only going to use less than 5.?.

I spent 45 minutes waiting on a worker to assist me in the toy isle to get a bike down for my son's birthday...I almost left do to the lack of costumer service being offered...I have never been so disappointed in a shopping center like the wal-mart in winchester, Ky.

I would like to see this issue addressed before the holidays start this year...we'll see how things turn out...


Disappointed in winchester

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you should of been an adult and go find some one after the first 15mins of waiting. so i doubt 45mins.

and you saying "we'll see how things turn out" you'll still shop there.

and wait for another 45mins. not going to find someone or inform anyone of this that can change it


They have twenty because they need them on Black Friday. They would be fools to be running twenty registers year round.


You mind your own business. I don not want dummies responding to my review.

This incident made me so angry that when I got home and my son did not finish his chores I felt like returning his bike and not giving him anything for his birthday because he is a bad boy. I was not thinking straight and was thinking of how to ruin his 13th birthday, if it were not for my husband talking me out of it, I would have ruined my son's 13th birthday because I was still angry at the store for the long lines and long time to get the *** bike. Under normal circumstances I would have understood my son being a kid was just slacking off and did not do his chores, but because I was angry at them I was about to tell him I wished I had a better son and that I was cancelling his birthday and throwing out all his gifts. I almost ruined his birthday because I was angry at them.

Luckily my husband calmed me down. My don't 13th birthday is tomorrow he becomes a teenager and I almost lost it and ruined it because of their scheduling.


What does the fact that you had to wait for help in the toy aisle have to do with how many check out lanes are open? It has absolutely nothing to do with it.

When there gets to being a certain number of people in line they open up other lanes.

It also doesn't have to be that long of line before that happens. If you don't like the way WalMart operates, quit going there.