Woodhaven, Michigan

At Walmart in woodhaven, mi, 9:15pm on a Sunday. They have 20 checkouts but only one person on the register, .....ridiculous! !

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My walmarts does this and forces u to use the self check. I swiped a movie and had to wait 30 mintes for a manager to walk over to ok that I culd get r rated movie, im 45.

She said she didn't no why the clearance was needed probly bc the movie has had a rape scene in it, shaw shank redemp. I spent 15yres in the lockup and has seen plenty of folks get raped.



You are just like the other six year old children who does not understand how business work so let me explain this to you. I will try to use small words to make you understand but anything you do not understand ask mommy okay.

First of all the other registers are for busy times, Christmas, ect, January is the slowest month of the year so they hire people according to how much money they think they are going to make. Now you don't buy things for yourself.

Mommy and daddy buy things for you so it does not bother you, but if during the slow times they hire more cashiers then mommy and daddy would have to pay more for household products and food and won't have enough money to buy you candy and toys. Second they can only hire those that apply for the job, they cannot take random people off the street, and those that apply for the job must be qualified in order to do their job well though most of them(mostly blacks) don't do their job properly.