Woodstock, Georgia
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I got a oil change and they left the oil cap off and oil sprayed all over the top of my engine, and oil all over my door handle inside. Then i got a oil change for my wifes car, the guy peels out and slams on the breaks when he parked it.

Also oil in the inside of the door handle, this was at Wal-Mart in palm bay, fl and I'll never go there again. They should owe me oil changes for life

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

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u shuld loosen the oil pan plug so the oil runs out. then make them buy u a new engine for the one they burnt up!


Nice try, but no one believes you, because no one believes you are old enough to drive. When you don't use capitals for proper nouns, we know you are way too young to drive.

When you don't use a capital letter for the pronoun "I" we know that you are way too young to drive.

So what is this review really for? Your third grade writing project or are you writing this for your father?