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I just left the pissedcustomer website for straight talk complaints wondering why walmart is permitting their cudtomers to be treated so shabbily by straightalk. Obviously we as individuals have no voice.

Just look at the number of complaints. Think of all the people who just ate it and moved on.

Walmart has the power to make straughtalk do right by us. The question is, walmart will you?

After all we all baught straightalk in good faith because walmart offered it. Balls in your court walmart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

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Honey you aren't on the WalMart web site. This is a general web site, but in order for anybody to take you seriously you have to clarify what in heaven's name your complaint is, instead of ranting and raving.

In order to be taken seriously you also have to learn how to spell properly. Another thing for all the complaints that you saw, I bet there are many more satisfied people, but you didn't look for them, all you looked for were the complaints.