I heard they are shutting down walmarts in amarillo. Why arent the employees not informed. We have the rite to know so we can be ready fonancially.

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If they aren't telling the associates about it then how do you know about it?


There is this little thing called "employment at will." It's this thing where your employer may fire you, let you go, force you to resign, or lay you off for any reason they see fit. Or they can do so for no reason at all.

In many states, this is allowed.

Hate your situation but there really isn't anything you can do. Tough luck

to Anonymous #974683

It's true.Texas is a "right to work" state, which means employers don't have to give any reason to let you go. From what I read, however, this is starting off as a suspended with pay situation, and the employees can try to transfer to another store and any full time associates that cannot find a position at another site will be given a severance package. In any case, this is why you should always have some money poor aside for a rainy day.

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