Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
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Toilet paper in customer bathrooms SUCK! Walmart is not saving money using cheap TP when you have to use a full roll so your fingers don't go threw.

And let's not start about the paper towel in there as well.

Come on your a billion dollar company. Customers deserve better.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Omg who cares about TP??? Go home and use your own TP or better yet carry some with you instead of writing BS reviews about TP at Walmart


"And let's not start about the paper towel in there as well."

Save a tree use your pants/skirt whatever. Opinions are one thing stupidity on the other hand...........


The words SELF ENTITLED comes to mind here......move along nothing to see here. Thats like going to your neighbors house for dinner and demanding they use the exact same butt paper you use.

Who died and made you the butt paper quality control person.

LMAO posts like these crack me up WAY too many self entitled people in this world. Tip: bring your own butt wipes problem solved.