Sioux City, Iowa
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Hi i am handycap and on top of that i slipped and fell down my basement steps and broke my foot and ankle plus i have arthritis . I love shopping at your store but when you guys here at store number 1361 don't have the handycap carts as you should , then I cannot come into your store till you get more handycap carts . at this store you only have maybe 3 or 4 carts . there are alot of us handycap folks around that spend alot of our money in your stores . We don't deserve that ! I would love to see those carts in all of your entrances . I'm a very easy going person and I really hope your reading this and do this favor for me and alot of handycapers, people would just love you even more . i'm not trying to be mean or nasty . I would just love it if i can shop alot longer . My email address is no caps

Sincerely linda

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Unfortunately, many ppl without handicap use and abuse the motor wheel chairs, and employees cant stop them either. Youd be better off bringing your own scooter if possible.


I know this was posted yesterday but I do hope you read this. While being handicapped is extremely difficult, it's not a law that a store provide the motorized carts.

This is considered a courtesy that they are provided.

Unfortunately the only way to guarantee use is to bring your own. Walmart isn't responsible for liable to provide them


Three or four handicaped carts are plenty. Where do you expect them to put more, on the roof?