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Update by user Apr 07, 2016

It's never okay to ask for help from 4 deferent employees and they stand around doing nothing! Then to put them through a 4 th time just so he could see .

Then to have to do what I asked all along . After dealing with it for a hour and a half! I was very upset with every right! And she was wrong you don't have to be 18 to return cans and save the environment.

Give me a *** break !

The manager to her so ! Need to train there employees better!!!!!!!

Update by user Apr 07, 2016

Educate yourself on the Oregon bottle return laws and what retailors have to obey or can get fined!

Original review posted by user Apr 06, 2016

I went to return cans knowing I had more than 144 so I had my daughter came with and the plastic bin didn't take all of them .I tried turning them and placing the barcode up and after they don't go thru that are supposed to count them by hand so I took them in the store and talked to 4 people and the all just stop around and did nothing! Made me put them through again sl he could see they didn't go through .

So rude and messed up then when I tried to get my money the lady at the counter said kids can't get the money they had to be 18 ! Is not true you don't have to be 18 to cash in cans

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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oh and you are right there is a sign but my daughter is six and cannot read well so she could not read the sign that says you have to be 18 and i did not read it not because i have bad grammar but because i was far from the sign, i only saw it after the manager told me that she had to be 18, and i said i would use the machie and she said i was to leave because i was hassling her and her employees. she said the four people were on break and i said i don't care i come here all the time and know they work here, and just cause they don't have uniform does not mean they cannot help me.