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Merchandise was broken

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Walmart - Merchandise was broken
Brought my tv home. Plugged it up and the screen was broken. Tried to take it back to Walmart with no prevail. Now I might have to pay for broken merchandise. Why? I dont want the money back. I want a tv. That works.
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  • Fast approval
  • Return policy is bad
  • Should not have to pay for broke merchandise

Preferred solution: Another tv that works

User's recommendation: Make sure you check return policies. Because I bought a tv and it was broken when I plugged it in. Now I don’t know if I’ll have to pay for a broken tv and not receive another. I work hard for my money.


I reported this reviewer for committing fraud and scams. This reviewer is full of bs.


Why would you plug it up if the screen were broken? That’s right, it wasn’t broken when you took it out of the box.

YOU broke it after and then tried to return it.

Not gonna happen. Stop trying to scam Walmart.


You sound racist..maybe you should kill yourself


How did they say anything racial???


Perhaps you will learn to hang onto your receipts in the future.


Agreed. I feel so bad and sad for anybody that has to deal with a customer like this.

This reviewer has multiple fake accounts. This reviewer is committing fraud and forgery.

The police need to arrest this reviewer. It was onto the news.

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map-marker Wichita, Kansas

Walmart has not returned my money from my walmart MoneyCard

August1, i had $215.00 on my debit card. August 3 i got a message from Walmart saying a WM Money Card Fraud Alert: For your protection, your card has been restricted. Please call us at 877-937-**** for assistance. I called customer care and tried to get my card unlocked. Not once but several times. I was told they would issue me a new card but i had enough because over the last 5 years i have had 6 or 7 cards always having unauthorized issues so i closed my account and asked for my money back. I was told i would receive it within 2 weeks. It has now been 2 months and i have called customer care no less than 15 times with no result. I am a very pissed customer. I have left emails with all my information but have had no response. Apparently, my issue is not important enough for Walmart to deal with. If only i could talk to someone who would care about this matter and return my $215.00. It may not seem like a lot of money to some people, but it is a lot when you don't have a lot. I always thought Walmart was more responsible than this. I have done everything I can think of to resolve this issue but Walmart refuses to talk to or even email me. I find it ironic that Walmart froze my money due to a fraud alert and then THEY steal my money.
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map-marker Milford, Pennsylvania

NEVER EVER AGAIN- If item sold by "Tasharina Corp" stay far AWAY! Walmart reveiw

Not only did it take 26 days to receive, the "night vision binoculars" were cheap cheezy with a little flashlight! No night vision capability AT ALL. Then I received the ladies black shirt.... it is the crapiest, see-through, wouldn't even use it to wipe bird *** off of my windshield garbage I have ever touched. Return: HAAAA!!!! NOPE! These bastards have this so locked down. When you think you are ordering from Walmart with the typical, return to store or send back you get a BIG SURPRISE. Firstly you have to find the "return" policy on THOSE ITEMS on your receipt. Then you have to read some fine print that says you must get an RMA from Tasharina Corp., HOWEVER... THERE IS NO CONTACT INFO. When you finally get to the "about us" tab there is an email address. REMEMBER: YOU ONLY HAVE 30 DAYS AND IT TOOK 26 DAYS TO GET THE GARBAGE! EVEN BETTER: In order to return you MUST send with original packaging, (which is a white garbage bag) with RMA #... and YOU MUST PAY SHIPPING AND INSURANCE! BWHAAAHAAAHAAAAAAA!!!!! SERIOUSLY??????? OMG Never EVER EVER AGAIN WALMART.... NEVER AGAIN....
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

Just wanted to inform everyone about the troll/monster into the comment section. She's a well known racist and a well known disturbing violent criminal mastermind.

She's been into the run for 20 years or more. Please contact this website to block her accounts. The more accounts of her that are blocked. The more we are able to arrest her and put her onto death row.

If anybody has any leads. Please call the cops.


james dover here just go ahead and report me i dare u


Nobody is lying. Everybody is calling you out for who you are.

And everybody knows your identity. Danielle Chase.


I fully understand exactly what you're saying. Walmart is farming out.

Sales to fly by night merchants they sell refurbished used and other damaged items. You don't know what you're going to need until it gets there. Takes a long time to get there. Can't hardly get a refund.

That's a lot of things that Walmart has done in the past few years. That's really disappointing to me Since Walmart is portraying a trust us atmosphere but allowing companies to use their logo to sell inferior merchandise


Some people are so poor that they are willing to put up with all of the disrespect and b.s. from Wal-Mart just to save a few dollars.


not my fault they keep raising prices


Yes it is your fault because you're a cheapskate. Usually the black n...are


Really? You're showing everybody who you are. So much hate and arrogance


I don’t think it is a question of disrespect. Everyone has a choice.

If a Kroger and Walmart are side by side, and let’s say an order is $30 more at Kroger, the Walmart shopper will choose to stand in line as they should.

No one is forcing the Walmart shopper to endure long waits. They can leave at any time.


Well. Clearly nobody is going to wait forever. And you sound dumb and uneducated for thinking and saying that.

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Letticia Ktx

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| map-marker Burleson-Joshua, Texas

Walmart in Burleson messed my car up!

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Walmart in Burleson messed my car up!
Walmart in Burleson messed my car up!
Walmart in Burleson messed my car up!
Walmart in Burleson messed my car up!
Walmart in Burleson messed my car up!
Walmart in Burleson messed my car up!
Updated by user Nov 20, 2019

No the claims department acted like I was a liar!

Original review Nov 20, 2019
I had my oil changed and they put my oil filter in wrong, my engine light came on it was running rough and had lower power than normal. I went back to the store it was done at in burleson and the supervisor of the service department knew exactly what was wrong he said they placed the oil filter in wrong so he placed it back in right. Engine light went off quit running so rough but I now have a ticking and a clatter in my motor on top and a tapping on the lower part of the motor . Made a claim I did everything they said to do took pictures of my motor with oil on it after they cleaned it off . The claims department denied it being there fault. Which is a lie! So now I have to hire a lawyer to take care of something that should have been resolved without one. I am not happy at all the claims lady acted like I was a liar! I am a hard working Christian woman who trusted Walmart to do a simple task and ended up needed a new motor some one is going to pay for this and it is not going to be me!
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  • Non
  • Im not being accomodated for walmarts mess up
Reason of review:
Damaged or defective

I went in for an oil change and came out with NO brakes.. costing me Over $500.00 and they insist.

i Came in with a brake line leak. If I had had a leak like they say I would not have had any brakes. Then they tried to tell me it was the company who had put on my new tires that caused it.

REALLY Guess what YOUR that company too. Never Never go to Walmart for anything LIARS and thieves.


So sorry to hear about your experience.


I am so heart broken by this reviewer's page. This reviewer needs love and support not hate and arrogance coming from a dangerous and violent internet troll.

My heart and soul goes out to those who have had to deal with her. Let's hope that this chase ends this internet troll into prison for life!


Youtube has been informed about fake kevin richards profiles. This is the same person leaving all of the hate and arrogant comments. This person needs to be banned.


They are telling the truth.


Why would anyone trust their car to Walmart?


Take this down already


Walmart is terrible they just take take take! When they mess up they don’t want to do anything about it! I am going to have to take them to court my car now is in shop !


This is Brigitte. Ur.

Lying and fabricating.

U are a loser. When are u going to admit this?


I have no idea what these comments are going on about.

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Christopher W Hyu

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| map-marker Hammond, Indiana

Horrible customer service

Walmart - Horrible customer service
Walmart - Horrible customer service
Walmart - Horrible customer service
Walmart - Horrible customer service
Walmart - Horrible customer service
Updated by user Sep 29, 2023

Someone at the location posted a response saying we were not too bright.

Original review Sep 29, 2023
My name is Christopher Washington and I have a concern I feel need to be addressed. My wife and I shop at the Hammond location on Cabelas drive. I recently received coupons from Post cereal for their Malt-O-Meal. One coupon was for up to $7.00 and the other was for 1 dollar off. When we went to self checkout the coupons would not work but the lovely lady took of the items and told us to go to customer service so that they could punch in the codes. We went to customer service and a very nice gentleman helped us out. He took the coupons and validated that they were not expired. He then then punched in the coupons and they were excepted. When I went to pay he needed a override since he wasnt a supervisor. This is where things went left. The front end team lead named Faith came over and flexed her authority to the guy who needed a override. She didnt get smart with him but her demeanor to him and to me and my wife was in my mind very unprofessional. Faith never spoke to me nor my wife. She comes over and he explains to her about the coupons and she saw that the transaction went through but he needed the override. She asked about the coupons and he told her that everything went through so she just needed to do the override. Faith cancels my transaction and takes the coupons out of the drawer and proceeds to leave with the coupons saying that they issues with coupons. After a few minutes she returns with the coupons and does the same thing the male employee did. I can honestly say that in my mind there is no way other people have not complained about her in the past. Very rude and unprofessional. In my opinion the phrases (hello, thank you, how may I help you, have a great day, is there anything else I can help you with and sorry the difficulty using the coupons) are not in her vocabulary . To my wife and I it seems as if she thought something nefarious was going on with our coupons. There was no need to cancel our transaction, take the coupons and leave. Her excuse of theyve been having issues doesnt make sense. I understand that she is a leader but I saw no leadership in my interaction with her. The way she treated the young man and the way she treated my wife and I seems to be a accurate reflection of others who complained. How can any member of management read the Google, Yelp, Facebook and BBB complaints and still take no actions to give your employees better training. I say that after reading the reviews where other customers complained about the same thing yet its still happening. Maybe its because their attitude is a reflection of the store manager. Im just speaking on the location in Hammond. I know its not as bad at the second Hammond location and at the schererville location . The least she could have done was explain the issue and why she took the steps she took. Since she decided to have no contact with the customers we have no choice but to assume that she left with are coupons thinking we were trying to scam your company. Those assumptions could have been dispelled by her simply doing her job in a professional fashion by SPEAKING to customers. I love shopping at Walmart but we are talking about two coupons. Not even a smile or take care. This isnt the first time Ive complained about the service at this location. What reason did she have to take our coupons, leave with them and cancel our transaction? My 2 boxes of malt o meal were $4.99 each and I had a up to $7 off and a $1 dollars off. I paid $3.98 for the boxes and it shouldnt have been that at all. After the coupons were applied and my total should have been the remaining 2 dollars and tax. In my math thats $2.14 not $3.98. That price is more than likely the full price tax which I shouldnt have been included. You guys have to do better with the people you have leading others. The unprofessional attitude is never good for business. Faith was rude to the guy helping us. Matter of fact everyone was professional but Faith. My wife first words to me about her after we left was I guess she had to prove something . Those words out of her mouth should have been nice professional leader . I would provide the receipt but I dont see that option on this platform. The very next day after writing my complaint I received a email stating that Walmart reviewed my complaint and posted a response. The response was tell my wife and I how stupid and dumb we are. Apparently the employee was spoken to by management and shown my complaint. I believe that the same employee went on the website and addressed the issue of the coupon deduction by saying that my wife and I are not that smart and broke down to me about how the coupon works. No one ever addressed the issue of her taking my property and walking away with it after canceling my transaction. For this reply to come from Walmart is beyond me. What you are reading now is my public review and will be post in the public section. I say that because the email from pissed consumers said that you have received a response from Walmart. There is no doubt that this was done by her. When I spoke to pissed consumers, they told me that the person who responded could only respond if they had access through Walmart to post. The only people who can post a reply to me would be a employee from Walmart.
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  • Great place to shop financially
  • Worst customer service ever

Preferred solution: Apology for calling my wife and I not too smart and compensation for the direct insult made against me and my wife.

User's recommendation: Don’t ship at this location as long as they continue to hire unprofessional employees who know nothing about good customer service


So by responding to this complaint, I must work at Walmart in Hammond, Indiana? Over the past week, I have also been accused of working at Guy Fieri's restaurant in Branson, Missouri and I am also apparently the GM at a hotel property somewhere in California.

D@***n! I am good!


Well you are implying that I am not smart and can't add. No worries you still leave a trace.

I will make sure Walmart fires both of you and the rude manager. This incident made me so angry that I took my anger out on my wife. Since this is not the first time that I hit her she is pressing assault charges and talking about divorce. She is staying with her parents now.

Faith made me hurt my wife. She is the reason my wife is pressing charges and considering divorcing me.


Not true. Any person can respond to your post.

Just as you can respond to any other post. Try it.

Go to another post and hit comment and type something. You can be mad at Walmart but they did not respond to your post the other day.


Now you are just making things up. This is a public forum with complaints for thousands of companies.

Anyone can respond . Walmart doesn’t read this site.

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Christopher W Hyu

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| map-marker Hammond, Indiana

Horrible customer service