Buena Vista, Colorado

You are loosing my business because of less that a five dollar problem. We have spent around 1000.00 dollars a month at Walmart drug for the past five years.

This will not happen any more because Walmart employees cant understand that a person taking four shots per day will use more that 100 syringes per month. The Walmart employees said they could not split a box of 100 syringes so I would have to pay another co-pay in order to get enough syringes to last one month. My prescription stated to be filled as needed.

Not just 100 syringe per co-pay. My business is now going to Walgreens

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Prescription Refill.

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No retail store will split up a box of anything. I can't go into Publix and ask to purchase only 7 of the popsicles in a box of 20. Retail packages/pricing don't work that way.


Sometimes you have to do the math for them. Explain 4 shots a day x 30 or 31 days = 120 or 124 syringes a month and that's what your Rx says you need and that's what you want and are paying for and if they can't fill your script properly you will report them and take your $1000/mo.

business elsewhere. Once the penny drops they'll get you you're syringes.


Hmmmmmmmm - Interesting, time and clues will certainly tell the truth regarding this child, who is required to spend 8 hours a day in school.


Here's another point to be taken. Tasha is on so many sites that there is no way that a fourteen year old can possibly reply to in her off time from school.

A person who works a full time job would be hard put to post on as many sites and Tasha does. If you would look around, you'd see that Tasha makes some "innocent" statement and follows it up with her tender age so that she won't be challenged on it. I believe that she is no fourteen year old, that she works full time, most probably for pissedconsumer.com, and that she is either a he or a she.

No kid in the world can keep up the pace that this poster claims to do after school and on weekends. Poor little Tasha is probably raking in big bucks from some computer site, and I would put large bucks on it that she/he works for this very one.


I think you are the 14 year old ASSuming someone who disagrees with the poster works for the company.


Yeah, maybe so. I just didn't realize she was 14 at first, I thought she was just an extremely ignorant adult. Point taken.


Anonymous, The thing I have difficulty understanding is that syringes are so inexpensive, why you didn't just take the whole box of 100. If you are spending $1,000.00 a month in drugs, an additional few dollars for the shots can't be a significant matter to your expense output.

Are the syringes that much more expensive in your area, because they are minimal where I live, at least for diabetic syringes. How expensive are they in your area?


Prescriptions are filled based on directions. If the MD writes the Rx for 4 shots per day, then you're going to get one box for 25 days.

If they write it for 4-5 shots per day, then you'll get your amount. Pharmacies just can't make stuff up, it all depends on the way the Rx was written.


I'm an adult. I have insomnia.

I'm not going to apologize for defending some of the people/companies/ideas being bashed continuously.

I never came on here with the intention of posting, but so many ignorant people were saying so many horrible things, I wanted to throw in my 2 cents. Just like you're doing.


Aren't you the one following her around from site to site?

Tasha, do you even have parents and do they have any idea of what you're up to? You are probably so undisciplined that they are happy you are on the internet and not in their hair.

Get off of these adult sites. You don't belong on her. You can't even afford school supplies for yourself and you get into everyone else's financial business. Get off of this site.

Get some freinds your age and grow up. You need to start a different life than being on the pissedconsumer.com site every night. For God's sake, do your homework. Don't you have a term paper to do or some science project?

If you applied yourself this much in school, you'd probably be a decent student. GET OFF!


No offense but isnt the OP acting childish as well. If so she deserves to be called out for it.


The person obviously takes medication if they are paying over 1k per month for PRESCRIPTION medications. It is obviously prescription, btw, because they are getting it from the pharmacy...

The pharmacy doesn't deal illicit substances smart one. And $1,000 isn't that much, especially if they have bad insurance. They are obviously very ill if they need 4 shots a day... illness are treated by medications.

Does this make any sense to you? Do you even know how much most prescription meds run?



WARNING........Walgreen's is not better!!!


Tasha, huh, are you serious?

Why are you on so many sites disputing what people say?

On this site, you correct spelling, but on the Target sites, you cry because someone does the same with your misspellings.

You, child, are a hypocrite.

Pick a side. Either you want to correct people or you don't. I don't care what side you're on, but for heaven sakes, quit double talking, and garnering sympathy from bleeding hearts. This person pays huge money for their meds. At fourteen, you don't even pay for your Flintstones vitamins, so go play and leave adult problems to adults.