Indianapolis, Indiana

So walmaet was alright until recently tey added self checkouts sure thats good but keep some lanes open! 27 lanes and 2 open on a saturday!

I went to the self checkout with spraypaint for a project an of course you have to approve your age so the woman took like 10 minutes to get to me. Then after that it marked it one to many so then you have to go to a huge line at customer service took about 20 minutes this is insane if walmart is going to be this cheap i don't even know what to say!

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I never ever use self checkouts they steal jobs.


It didn't mark it one too many times, you scanned it one too many times.If you were using the self check you have no one to blame but yourself. It shows what was scanned right on the screen. Maybe learn to count before trying to help yourself.


I agree this person obviously scanned it too many times, next time they should get mommy or daddy to help with the self checkouts. I am surprised that they allowed her to buy the product since her spelling, grammar and attitude makes me think she is nine years old.