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Walmart is a pathetic excuse for a company. They completely screwed up my preorder for a ps4, and canceled it at the last minute due to THEIR mistake.

After multiple lengthy conversations with their customer service department, and a long drawn out email battle, they admitted it was their fault, basically said "Oh well" and flat out said there's nothing they're going to do about it. Walmart is a ridiculous example of modern business practice, and is full of half wit, incompetent employees from the bottom all the way to the top. What a joke.

I will never shop at any of their stores again; nor will any member of my family. I will gladly pay more for any item at any other store rather than give them another penny of my money.

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Walmart as a company is terrible. terrible to it customers and terrible to it employees.


Well, when its something that's important to you we'll see how serious you think it is.

Business practices and customer service should be front line in a corporation's list of priorities. These idiots put no value into either of them, and if you'd take a few minutes to look into it you'd realize that my comments are more than justified by almost every other review you can find.

I'll just assume you're one of Walmart's typical consumers who heartily hand them the food stamps and welfare dollars that are supplied to you from the taxes taken from my hard earned money. Under that assumption, I can presume that you have no idea what the value of a dollar is, and that when I choose to spend the money I earn on a product and am given a guarantee that my satisfaction is important, but am only given a '***' when they fail to deliver due to a blatant incompetence present in every level of their employee base; I have the right to be pissed, and not have the importance of my view judged by some random *** on a website who doesn't know a thing about the real world.

Or, I could just assume that you're one of their employees; which makes it pretty self explanatory. If not, you should apply; you'd fit right in.

While your reply was obviously meant to make me "see the light", and since such a remarkable comment was clearly made with as much intelligent thought, contemplation and consideration as someone in your position could offer; I think I'll stick with my original standpoint on the matter.

In an attempt to return the favor, I'll finish by adding a bit of my own advice..."Think before you speak.", or "type" in this case.


I also have a negative comment about walmart. I simply wanted to return something purchased the week before WITH the reciept and they refused to give me my money back. All they would do is give me strore cedit.

Is that their excuse for customer service?


Not that serious dude.