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I went in to return some paint *** and a package equate disposable pants. I simply just needed to get more paint supplies, I picked up the wrong *** and my grand daughter no longer wore diapers so I was going to trade the pants for paint stuff.

The Customer Service person, a red a haired woman was a complete witch. Not because she was red haired and not because she was a woman, I just used those as identification. Anyway the items probably came to $10 before tax. I was informed that she believed the diapers had been donated so she could not take them back.

Most places mark the packages of items they donate in some way, mark out the bar code or some such thing, apparently Walmart is not that smart. I told her I was just exchanging them for something else not getting cash back and she told me that was too bad. Then as for other item it was more of the same thing. She said she believed I had opened it even though it had clearly not been opened as the seal was still in place.

This woman gives other women a bad name. It is because of her people accuse women of PMSing or some such thing. Seriously! Walmart if you are going to donate diapers and you want to protect yourself from people returning them, mark the ones you donate in some way, like crossing out the bar code with a simple sharpe mark so that someone who honestly purchases diapers and forgets their receipt can exchange them because I can see where you will go broke taking back a $5 bag of diapers when I have been in restroom listening to employees discussing how they have stolen $400 car stereos and then returned them for cash.

You people are idiots!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Walmart Pros: Gluten free selection.

Walmart Cons: Customer service returns.

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Returns are a privilege not a right. They have the right to refuse any return for any reason.


LOL This is awesome I don't know who the other tempest50 is who has been posting other than the first comment but they are seriously demented. It sounds like someone with issues but it is not me, the original person who posted.

This site obviously has some issues. like security Which is a pity. I would never strike my grandchild and since all of my grandchildren are potty trained they don't soil themselves. This sounds like someone who needs to gain attention which is incrediably sad and sick.

It is apity anyone would feed into by answering this person when it is bvious all they want is attention. Kevin you are right they need to shut up because no one wants to listen. It is a pity the real issue was lost in the BS.

Hmm I wonder who would do that?


The fact that you can't remember posts you made is a sign of mental illness. Busted, kiddo.

The fact that you would make up lies shows mommy and daddy never taught you well.

You have yet to provide proof that I made those posts. You are the one acting like a three year old I did not remember making this post because I never made that post. When someone has to result to lying to make themselves look good it does not work.

Is also funny that you would have been alerted to the response to tempest50 so that you could reply within hours...hmmmm again.

When someone makes a post it takes up to ten or 20 minutes for it to show that someone replied to the post you replied in. Learn how the site works before making comments.

You are probably going to make another lie to say this is not so.

Just shows how immature and childish you are.


Calling people idiots makes you seem immature. That as well as blaming them for abusing your granddaughter. Grow up.


K Richards, Shut up and go away. Nobody wants to hear your bs.


This is not bs, she has on right to blame the store for abusing her granddaughter. I can understand her being angry, but if you read her reply to this review she claimed that she hit her granddaughter for soiling her pants because she was angry at walmart.


You mean if you read YOUR reply to HER review. Nobody is fooled.


Calling people the 'N' word is better? is that right kevin?

that's what you did. You sure are easy to make fun of.

You say such stooopid things. Come on, let's hear another.


I think the worst part of this experience was it made me fight with my daughter and brother in law. I was so angry about this.

It took a long time for and they refused to give in to me. I was very angry that when My granddaughter had an accident and soiled her pants.

I hit her in the parking lot several times. Someone called the police on me after getting my license plate number and now my daughter and son in law won't speak to me for mistreating their child.


Funny. When you click on Kevin Richards profile, this comment comes up under his user name. I wonder how that could have happened...hmmmm?


I think you need to see a shrink, because you area seeing things that are not true. Or maybe you are lying because you wrote a silly complaint and I told you off.

The OP made that post about abusing her child and for you to defend a child abuser is just sick.

For you to make up lies shows your parents did not teach you right from wrong. If you are not lying you need to see a shrink, you are seeing things that are not there and that is a sign of mental illness.


The fact that you can't remember posts you made is a sign of mental illness. Busted, kiddo.


Is also funny that you would have been alerted to the response to tempest50 so that you could reply within hours...hmmmm again.