Bossier City, Louisiana
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Walmart will refuse to sell you any age restricted item that has been touched by your minor child. We were purchasing some groceries as well as some clear coat spray paint.

My son was helping to unload the basket. He put the spray paint can onto the conveyor and the cashier refused to sell us the spraypaint. My husband and I are both well above the age to purchase any age restricted item. The manager was called and they explained that this was their policy.

Ridiculous!! I said that I could pay for it at another register without my son and they refused to ring me up!!

I decided that it shouldn't be a hassel to make a purchase anywhere, so I left our groceries at the counter and left. I will not return or shop with Sam's club either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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It sounds like a very crazy policy that simply makes no sense. Let me get this straight, my underage child touches something at the checkout deemed to be for adults only and Walmart wouldn't sell this item to the 2 people who were clearly adults.

Does Walmart know these same underage kids only need go into their parents garage a have access to this forbidden product. GET A GRIP WALMART !!!!


I always get a laugh when people complain about age policies or being treated like a child and then leave their stuff on the counter and depart. It shows a certain level of immaturity that directly contradicts their claims of being "adults."


Actually, these regulations are often put forth by the local city government.