Brady, Texas
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I can go to any town within 40 to 80 miles of here and buy things in walmart for less than I have to pay for our hometown store. I confronted the manager about the prices and he said they have to charge more as this store is in the red.

Well, common sense tells you, compete with the other walmarts and we will buy in town instead of driving to another walmart in another town. Its pretty bad when we can pay $2.64 cents a gallon for gas, pay to eat out and still save money by going to another town to buy groceries at a walmart store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Not to mention having to dodge all of the *** 18 wheelers in the parking lot!


I will never shop here again! This lady at the service desk was anything but helpful.

I know it is the 4th of July weekend But she was rude to me and everyone there.

I have never been talked down to like that ever. I was embarrassed

I telling everyone about this and hoping people will find some place else to shop.


I have been going to this walmart for years. I have many interactions with the people at the service desk.

I have not had a bad attitude from any of the associates. I know that some days are rough, and very busy. But I do not really think people whom live here are gonna drive to the next town that supplies a Walmart with the services they provide here in Brady.

I mean, if you have the money and time, then driving to the next town maybe would make some kinda since. I will deal with it, and keep shopping at my local neighbor walmart.


I put a ring ( witch my husband bought there ) in to have sized ,there wasn't anyone that knew how to do the paperwork in it , the manager finally figured it out. Well it has been 7 days after the time I was told it would be back and still NO RING. Highly upset.


Well you have no right to talk about what people can and cannot do when you don't even know the difference between witch and which. So unless your husband has a thing for children and you are a child you should have known the difference since third grade.


I hate to break it to you peep squeak, but each county, town, and state set their own tax rates, and yes each state may have a different tax rate. I wouldn't be bragging about your inappropriate behavior, unless you like to have security called.


:grin I love walmart nothing beats it.


Also the manager is ***. He told me that the wal-mart in another state has a different tax rate.

I told him he was wrong that the tax rate is the same all over US. I even told him that if he did not stop arguing with me that I would smack him. He called security on me. I am a lady 5 feet tall.

He is five feet ten perhaps and he had to call security on me who was just as tall. What a coward picking on a lady. Even if I smacked him(which he had coming to him) I would not have done it hard since I am 5 feet. What a wimp can't even fight his own battles.

Afraid of the "f" word. First he told me to leave since there were children in the store.

When he did this I shouted more profanity. Then he called security.

@Peep Squeak

Not only do you need to get facts before opening your mouth but you need an attitude adjustment. Suggestion... Stay out of Walmart.