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Comming from an adult gamer i take spending my money as an opportunity not a gamble. I frequently spend money in the crane games at local Wal-marts and grocery stores.

So, upon entering Wal-mart today i drop my 50 cents into the came position the crane above the toy i wanted. Aiming carefully i push the button.The crane doesnt drop BUT closes the claw and moves it back over the the hole my toy should of dropped out of.I should have known there was something wrong seeing the limited amount of toys in the game but with the store knowing something was wrong with the game.

Instead of emptying it completely they use a select few furry creatures to lure you to the game. There should be something done!

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Austin, Texas, United States #914650

I called wal mart and asked them to remove the games since there cheating people its not a game of skill any more but of chance .It either wont grab or it will shake violently

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #46519

You can be childish if you want. However you are a parent, and when you have children it is your job to act responsibility to act more mature.

It is a shame that there are nine, ten and eleven year olds that on here that are acting more mature than you and your nemises Jason. You also have to follow rules.

Than again you and Jason are acting the same age. At least you are fighting with someone with the same IQ as you and his is pretty low for his age and you are older than him.

:cry yep i am so full of tears only they are not for me. I figured not responding would get a reply and dont get me wrong but even though i *** and complain alot.

this stuffs gotten way out of hand.

You are all right on here i am a very childish person never (that i remember) have i denied that part. Or (since you all know me so well) can someone one here tell me other wise?
Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #45766

I noticed that Robinbird has not been on here for a while. I bet when she found out that other people thinks that she is acting childishly she left.

I bet after she read the other comments she cried. Infact I would not be surprised if she was crying when she did not get the toy from the machine that "did not work." I have concerns for her, she should not be driving while crying because the machines did not work.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #43922

I admit you are right Jason Tillo, Robin is acting very childish, but you are doing the same thing. Before you go judging others take a good look at yourself.

Ghostbuster and his friends are going against the rules too because of their age, however despite being much younger their posts are more mature than your's and Robin's. Robin was told to watch her language, however her response. "No, I won't watch my language" reminds me of a bratty defiant child. There should be another rule on this site.

If you are going to respond you should at least act 13 which neither you or Robin are doing.

And Robin before you say anything, knowing vulguar sexual trems does not make you seem older than 13 and more mature. It just shows people how foolish you are.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #43753

The site also says that you must be 13 to post here because of the COPPA rules ghostbuster, and last time I checked you were eleven and Zachary was ten, and his brother Chris was also eleven, and Richard is ten, so before you go posting the rules go and check them again because you are violiting the rules as well. Robin is also violating this rule.

The five should come back in another two or three years if you want to go by the rules of this site. This goes for you too Robin come back when you are old enough to legally post on this site.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #43433

I found he rules that Mafiagodfather was talking about and here they are. I will not post the whole thing but just the part where he is talking about. Looks like Robin and Jason have a little bedtime reading to do.

2. Online Conduct

You agree that:

You will NOT post on PC any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, threatening, harassing, racially offensive, or illegal material, or any material that infringes or violates another party's rights (including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights, and rights of privacy and publicity). You will use PC in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws and regulations. By posting information on PC, you warrant and represent that the information is truthful and accurate.

You will not post, distribute or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights and except as otherwise permitted

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #43425

Brandon - age has nothing to do with maturity, as Robin is proving. There are teens that can be more mature than the adults on this site.

Eventually you grow up and realise how immature you are behaving. So a 21 year old can be as immature as a teenager as proven by some of the responses from this letter. Some people mature in their teens, while others mature much older than even 21 as the OP of this letter claims to be.

However I think that Jason/Robin are the same age and are just posting these rude comments back and forth to get attention. They are probably both sitting at the school computer labs and laughing at the attention they are getting.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #43422

First of all this is the internet not America so the Freedom of Expression" thing does not qualify here. Second, whether nine year old's read your comment's or not is not the important issue.

The thing is that every site has terms and conditions. The way you and Jason are badmouthing each other go against the Terms and Conditions. I suggest you and your friend Jason read up on the Terms and Conditions of this site. The words that you guys are using are banned for a reason.

Also posting childish responses towards each other are also against the Terms and conditions which you use when you sign up for the site.

Just like you have the right to free speech they have the right to remove any innapporpriate comments from users.

You claim that you did not write one of the comments here. I find that hard to believe as the comment you claimed you did not write has the same rude sarcastic nature as the other comments you and Jason shared back and forth.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #43416

Robin, I thought you had better sense than Jason. I guess I was wrong.

Anyways you can both go posting rude comments at each other.

Like another poster said you are no better than him when you reply. Keep replying to his comments if you like but know it just makes you look as bad and foolish as him.

to Robert Evans Orange, California, United States #914687

You were wrong, she is child trapped in an adult's body. Look at how she refuses to watch her language and follow the rules of the site. This person should not be reproducing.

Teixoso, Castelo Branco, Portugal #42960

Ok anyways did everyone forget this is america. This is the internet not a school house.

I will not watch my language.

Plus if we have 9 year olds on a site called PISSED consumer then obviously they already know some bad language. Jason please if you must try to insult me at least say something different than what you said in your last post

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #42744

Yeah Robin watch your *** language. There is a little ten year old on this site.

I bet when you get angry you use foul language against your daughter, that is why you would not feel bad about swearing and using sexual dialogue where ten year olds can read it.

Grow up. Act your age not your child's age or your shoe size.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #41591

Robin I know that you are angry at Jason, however here is something you should know. There are children reading these comments as young as nine.(True their parents should be supervising their online activities, however most parents would not think to police a customer relationship forum 24/7, so watch your language. I am not picking on you I would give the same advice to Jason if he had it in him to think of what he is posting.

Teixoso, Castelo Branco, Portugal #41073

Trevor, I do completely agree with you. I can sit here and just see him sitting at his computer huffing and puffing turning red with anger but it ok hopefully he gets his rocks off somewhere

to Robin Orange, California, United States #914686

I think it is you huffing and puffing when called at for the childish loser you are, and you huffing and puffing when you don't win the prize.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #41006

Robin, you and I are alike, this is the exact reason I like the internet. I am 19 and I don't have to act my age.

Also like I said Jason is a troll. I also remember doing this stuff when I was 13 I first learned of cybering and I used to cyber. But I outgrew that. It was probably illegal with what I did because some of the people that responded to me were older(I am talking in their 20's) and knew my age.

However at that age I did not want my parents to find out. I had just started using the internet on my own and thought it was "kewl"" that you could talk about anything you wanted and no one would know who you were.

But like I said Jason is a pri*k and di*k to everyone.

Teixoso, Castelo Branco, Portugal #39757

I just hope that everyones knows i did not post the last repeated comment on here. Why is everything comming from Jason have to be about something perverted i guess its just his age.

But i actually agree with Brandon. I do not just verbally attack people. I think its funny to get Jason so riled up. To see what kind of *** *** *** say next.

Also even though it probably sounds ***. I like the internet because i dont have to act like an adult, i do that in my everyday life

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #39551

Brandon, you have no right to tell me what to do. I can tell that you are another *** visiting this site.

Jason is the one that started the fight. I have every right to defend myself. Why don't you shut up and keep your smart@SS comments to yourself.

*** ***. I bet you are writing this and playing "therpist" because you saw a thepist for the sexual abuse your father inflicted on you.

Goldsboro, North Carolina, United States #39550

Brandon, you have no right to tell me what to do. I can tell that you are another *** visiting this site.

Jason is the one that started the fight. I have every right to defend myself. Why don't you shut up and keep your smart@SS comments to yourself.

*** ***. I bet you are writing this and playing "therpist" because you saw a thepist for the sexual abuse your father inflicted on you.

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