Sikeston, Missouri

After years of shopping at Walmart in Ripley Tn, today 11/30/11 was the final staw that broke the perverveal back. Almost daily I must stop there to pick up something on my way home from work.

And each and everyday, and I do mean everyday, they are out of stock on at least one of the items I need. Now I'm not referring to odd imported gormet items, I'm just talking about coffee creamer, or honey or milk, fresh bread etc. Today, I needed 4 items, All of which were ordinary things. After enduring the rude behavior and degenerated overall appearance of the walmart employees, I managed to hurry and get in and hope to get out quickly with my bundle and head home.

But alas, that was again not to be. Today they did not have one item on the shelf that I needed. Comet, mandarin oranges in cans,mushrooms stems and pieces in cans, honey buns, and Folgers coffee large container. Noop not one freaking thing was stocked.

So I attempted to find an employee to ask if they had anything in the back that they could get to help me. I never found one single person anywhere around to ask. NOT ONE. The only people were the 4 checkers checking out customers non stop.

I just walked out and thought from now on I will just go to Kroger where I know they will have everything i need. I can get in and get out quickly and have someone even help me out to the car should I need the help. I will now gladly pay a little extra for less aggravation and loss of time. Never again will I step foot in that walmart .

I will just be out of something rather than go into that God forsaken store with there ghetto attitudes. Really, I have yet to find a really good walmart.

They are all pretty bad, but this store is dirty rude and just plain sucks. Screw walmart

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I am a retail manager, and if that is all it takes to get rid of ***'s like you I think I will run out of stock on items.


You'll be back because ".... I must stop there to pick up something on my way home from work."


I bet you won't last a week without Wal-Mart. People whine and cry and then they go back. You will do the same after you start going through Wal-Mart withdrawls.


It's "proverbial". You found this website to *** and whine, try finding an online dictionary first next time.


I'm sure Walmart won't miss your cranky and whiny *** anyway.