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i bought a a card and deposited $45 on the card went online to activate the temporary card with my information needed for account sign up the web site took temporary card information &preceded to me providing my personal information & when i clicked on activate card and provided card information on the temperary card . the web site keep saying information doesn't match our records on i called the contact us phone number provided talked to a representative named Meico #1093206 she would not provide her last name and told me she could not transfer me to her or any supervisor because the information i provided for the account did not match there records on file .i asked her how do i get a refund for money deposited to the card she told me refunds are not provided .she also stated that the account information could not be changed on the account whats so ever.even if i sent her a copy of my drivers licence or social security card number if there had been a typo of some sort made at the time of me signing up (i do not believe this was the case at all ,i believe their system is purposely creating the errors so that there records don't match info consumer types in at the time when creating the account online so the company is not required to refund any money deposited to the accounts &they get to keep the money the person deposited knowingly if information doesnt match there records there not reqiured to refund of any kind)if this is the case why isn't congress or ure company putting laws in place to protect consumers .stating any such company must make depositing money on such pre paid cards at the consumers own risk and refunds not prohibited a requirement in there advertisements on products they sell consumers and why isn't these company's being shut down from frauding &stealing peoples money from them????isn't that ure company's job &why are laws not put in place prohibiting these company's from fraud ed businessmen tactic's .instead these company's are aloud to commit the fraud and then to hold company's responsible they have to find an attorney to take a pro bono law suite against these company's .that the lawyers make all the money on and if case is won the consumer only gets part of the money lost back if at all.mean while other consumers who spent money with the same company just get screwed out of money they spent with the same company endless they check regularly with class action law suites&add there name to plaintiffs list before the deadline date &which most of these laws suites are not publicly announced by media outlets.lets face it i don't no who's a bigger rip off these fraudulent company's or ure company who states there there to protect consumer rights and just does a *** job of doing so.this whole transaction money stealing endless circle should outrage citizens .the problem is unless u get ripped off or defrauded you dont see this circle for what it really is just one of Americas finest rip off schemes & if u can start ure own company doing such u to can get away with committing crimes and legally getting away with it.mean while getting Rich off other peoples hard earn money or earned 100% war military disability benefits as i am a war military disabled veteran & on a set income each month that i can barley pay bills with each month &always a payment away from begin homeless surviving on tooth and nail each month&when something like this happens sets me back month trying to make up the lost money but its accepted world wide more and more it seems

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Return process - too lengthy, Ripp off products walmart sells, Allowing companys to defraud consumers, Walmart not beign held liable to fraud by other companys, And neither company providing refunds.

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