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Bought a brand new ASUS computer and 2 keys and the camera quit working within one month of purchase. Tried to exchange at Walmart and was told they only accept returns in 14 days on electronics and we were to rely on the extended service plan.

All they do is email, claim you didn't fill out contact info correctly that's why they can only email you. Don't give you a phone number to actually talk to someone. Computer still boxed up but as yet no way to replace it.

Be warned, don't waste additional money on Walmarts phony warranties !!! Also,, the computers you buy there may be low grade!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

Monetary Loss: $290.

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It also explains in big *** letters that the extended warranty EXTENDS the manufacturer warranty, not that it replaces it. It is a brand new machine.

Jesus, open the *** box and READ the warranty and call them. They will replace it.


This is what the warranty clearly states. It's done by a third party, not Wal-Mart.

If this was a problem, why did you buy the warranty? It's clearly explained on the paperwork.


What paperwork? Would you be referring to the written terms of the warranty that nobody will ever offer to let the customer see until after he says "yes" and they take his money?

The store loves to try to sell it as a "pig in a poke", because otherwise nobody would buy it. The important parameter's of the extended warranty should at least be explained verbally by the clerk to the customer before he agrees to purchase the extended warranty. Obviously in this case, this wasn't done. Most all other stores who sell extended warranties will handle problems during the extended warranty period directly at the store, either a drop off for repair or will make an exchange at the store.

Nobody wants to have to box up a heavy item and pay $20 to ship it across the country after having laid out good money on an extended warranty. I have to agree with the op on this one, without such a feature, this makes for a virtually worthless extended warranty.

One more thing, a 14 day return policy is sub-standard, anything less than 30 days is cause for a person to take their business elsewhere.