Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Shopped @ Walmart in Gettysburg, Pa bought a grate to use for a fire pit @ a camp site while on vacation. We forgot to take the grate out of the shopping cart w/some other things we bought.

And left the parking lot realized 10mins. later and we went back to the store to get it out of the cart and low and behold it was gone. We went back into the store reported it to customer service and they said come back in 1/2 hr. to see if it was returned.

Well we said we are going to our campsite and we didn't want to return. If it wasn't there after 10mins. why would it be there in a 1/2 hr.? The manager said we had to just pay for another one if we wanted to replace it?

Which we did buy another one and come to find out that Sears also has the same grate for $2.00 less and Walmart is supposed to be the cheapest. So not only did we end up paying double but also ended up paying $4.00 more cause they wouldn't replace it. We shop there regularly and the visit before that one we even spent a lot of $. Needless to say it will be a long time till we shop from there store again.

The associates are rude and they never have enough help at the check outs.

I do not understand how they stay in business? Peed off..

Monetary Loss: $13.

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They don't have to replace something you lost. Next time take a parent shopping with you so that they can babysit you and make sure you left with everything you paid for.

How do they know that you did go home and claim you lost it and then get the same item for free. They are not required to replace items children like you leave behind. You won't be missed, besides isn't it mommy and daddy's decision where you go shopping.

How are the employees rude to you. Is it because they say no?


Can't blame Wal-Mart for your stupidity.


Although they are consistently number 1 & 2, they at the bottom of the list in customer service. And that is because they hire ignorant inbred people like myself and LadyScot.


"I do not understand how they stay in business?"

Yeah, you wouldn't. They are consistently number 1 or 2 on the Fortune 500 list, so obviously they know more than you about running a store. They don't make that list by hiring people to babysit items for customers who weren't smart enough to take them the first time or by giving away free items to people who lose them.


They probably stay in business because they don't go around replacing items that people lose. If they did this someone would use it to get say ten free TV's claiming they keep forgetting them in the parking lot and when they returned it was gone. It is not walmart's responsibility to replace the items this child forgot to take, it is up to her parents to make sure she left with what she paid for.


I have left items behind in the basket many times over the years (I'd lose what little is left of my brain if it weren't attached) and when I return they are not there nor has anyone ever taken them to lost and found. Proof walmart shoppers are just as dishonest as walmart employees.


Why should WalMart be responsible for your stupidity? You sound as if you do not have the brains you were born with.


i agree, Besides how the *** do they have the audacity

to think walmart is responsible for their mistake

after they paid for the product, thEn leave the store, then forget to put item in their car

what a customer does after they themselves pay for an item is their responsibilty, not the stores responsibility. The store did not forget the item the customer did :x :x :x :x :x :upset :upset :upset :upset :eek :eek :eek


Your blaming Walmart because you left something behind in your cart and you ended up paying double (Walmart is supposed to be the cheapest), you better give your head a shake.

What make you think Walmart is the cheapest? Next time do some research.


You goofed .walmart not responsible if someone else took it out after you left.


That's it, besides your original complaint, just add on a comment about the employees and the fact that you don't think they have enough check out lines open. People never just stick to their basic comment.