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Effective 10/15/17 Walmart stopped price matching at the register. They claimed consumers were ripping them off at the registers.

Walmart management at the Green Valley, AZ store explained that Walmart would still ad match but they would do it in their system so that when you checked out at the register the prices rung up would automatically be the matched prices. It worked for 2 weeks, then they stopped changing their system prices to match local competitors’ prices. When you ask management about it the claim the competitor ads are scams. I tried to by 2 24 packs of Coke products at $4.98 each.

Walmart’s price was $7.98.

Fry’s has it on sale for $4.98 when you buy in multiples of 2. The store manager said the fry’s ad was a scam.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Don't worry about price matching. You need to worry more about the scam Walmart and other stores are now performing---either not posting a price for items anywhere and if so, scanning the item with a higher price than posted.

You now have to tell the cashier to wait until you put all your items on the counter before starting to scan so you can carefully observe each item as it scans. Meijer stores now also do this.


Walmart is desperate for business. Amazon is killing them.

So they no longer price match. Also, they are raising their prices on several items, and are not the best price around on a lot of their products.

Beware of the "new" Walmart - shady, tricky, greedy, all about the money, not about you. Shop elsewhere - plenty of better choices.


It's just another case of corporate greed. Also, do not assume that Walmart prices are the best around.

Their health & beauty aids are more expensive than average.

Walmart must be hurting financially to have to resort to these tactics.

OI think amazon.com is killing their business and they are desperate, but they are doing it all wrong. It's all about the customer, not Walmart!


The title of your comment is "Ripped Off by Walmart".....so Walmart changing their policy to no longer price match - a policy, by the way, that most stores already have - is ripping you off? NO.

You want a perk and since you didn't get it you are whining about being ripped off. All you really had to do was pay the normal listed price.

If you want another store's price, GO TO THE OTHER STORE. I'm SO sick and tired of laziness and entitlement.



So this is a rant about Walmart Not price matching?

If it is true abut other customers ripping off Walmart, then your complaint is with these customers, and Not Walmart.

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