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I recently made a trip out to Las Vegas with my two year old son to visit my cousin, whom I have not seen in over three years. On February 2, 2012 I arrived in Las Vegas at 13:15 and needed further supplies for my long stay with my family.

I felt at home knowing I can walk into a Walmart, as I was not familiar with the other big named stores in Las Vegas Smith's, Food 4 Less, Albertson's or Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market and know I can find the brands and service that I rely on. At around 14:30 I walked into the Walmart store # 2592 and looked for diapers for my son size 6 and saw the jumbo box and thought what a great deal $13.97 for 60 diapers-great! I also saw a good deal on sippy cups from $2.00 so I picked one up. Then I thought how I wanted to pick up a little something for my cousins children and to my convenience this Walmart had NB BRNMS Animal Cookies on an end cap for a $1.00 grabbed three boxes- wow perfect for the kids.

I then looked to cash out at the shortest line because I had my cousin waiting in the parking lot with my two year old and her five year old in her Caravan. I approached operator #00004024 TE # 16 around 14:40/45 and waited with one elderly woman in front of me who had her merchandise packaged in her own bags on the belt to take then out in order for Valerie the cashier to scan the items. No problem, it would only be a matter of minutes before I was reunited with my family. The elderly woman finishes her transaction by paying with her card and had to swipe it two times before it was accepted as processed.

MY turn, I exchanged a few words with Valerie she seemed to be alert at the moment and aware of what I thought were her surroundings, her cash wrap, her office if it where one. Valerie scans my diapers, then animal crackers and then my sippy cup. Total then came out to $19.26. I immediately thought to myself and out loud-"the sippy cups are advertised at $2.00?" At the moment, since I had just arrived and headed straight to Walmart I only carried $18.00 cash and my EBT card.

I thought not to worry I can give Valerie the $18.00 cash and place the cookies on my EBT. The time is around 14:50 to 14:58 I placed the cash of $18.00 on the ledge of the card key pad to free my hands and obtain my wallet for the additional funds to go on my EBT card. When I picked my head back up MY MONEY WAS GONE!!!!! I immediately asked Valerie and the woman waiting behind me where did the money go?

The woman behind me replied faster then Valerie with I did not see you with any money. Valerie, whom I trusted with my service, integrity, merchandise and form of payment replied "Honestly, I didn't see you put down any money and I don't think i took it." I asked for a manager, Regina came, I told her the story and to check the cameras. It was the woman before who had come up the register and had CLEARLY grabbed the money.

NOTHING ELSE WAS DONE. No empathy, no questions or answers- my number was taken down- no calls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

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I am a 1st grade teacher and divorced mom of 3. First, I qualify for $39 in FoodStamps/month.

I work 10 hours/day at my job and receive no child support.

I resent the negative comments about EBT users. I'm a college graduate and I'm a low paid teacher so yes, I do qualify and MY tax paying $ is what pays part of it.


I can't agree with you more, especially since she had the exact same experiences at three different retailers. If she cannot afford to take care of her child than she should keep her legs crossed.

It is more shame lying to different retailers than it is to practice safe sex, or better yet learn how to say no.

Then using the money the government gives her and going on vacation while there are people who really need EBT that is just sad.

The problem is not Regina and Valarie's "three jobs" the problem is that the OP is not willing to work. That is why she is spreading the same lie to three companies.


If you have to rely on EBT card you should not be going on vacation, let alone buying things for other children when you cannot afford to take care of your own. You are not willing to work while it seems that both Valarie and Regina have several jobs(or Target, Walmart and Kmart make it a habit to hire those only with those first names)Seriously someone give this lady a job so she does not have to lie to three different companies about her money. So she can get off EBT and make an honest living rather than rip off stores.


Well it is not their fault you were careless with your money. Hope you take better care of your son than your belongings, also the fact that both the cashier and woman behind you did not see that you had money and the fact that you are on ETB card make me wonder if you are lying about this to get free money, especially since the exact same problem happened at other stores.