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Walmart wants robotic like people and not pay them pick specifically and bullied. The company will bully you like you've never been bullied.

They are bigger than you and you will know it, even if you can fight. they will tackle the customers down to the floor if they have a small hunch of stealing and they are wrong. They will make you as a worker so the same, in a round about way. They wil find someone to make you feel like a squashed pea at your low salary low level not your fault job that no one even customers will stand up for you.

You get no unemployment, no job no nothing for being at this 5 and dime store.

You are a neighbor so take it! And theyre laughing at you while putting you down.

Walmart Pros: Cheap.

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hi i was bullied until i quit. i worked for 6 years.


i paid for something on my lunch a drink and hours later walked out with it half drank. 4 secuirty guys surrounded me and accused me of stealing it.

i broke down in tears and was shaing.

20minutes lter they pulled up my receipt and let me go... this was in 2014 io quit in 2016 walmart bullies you and tortures you and abuses you if you are agood worker like i was!