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I find it very *** that walmart places "rollback" or "sales" signs on many items claiming they are now a certain price supposedly lower then a previous price. In most cases it has always been the exact same price as it is on the sales sign.

The fabricated past price is just to make people think they are getting a better deal and will most likely buy more stuff. Might be a small matter but every cent adds up in most peoples lives these days. If anyone thinks they are getting treated fairly when they shop at walmart, think again. Your met with silly *** manipulations and sub par products in almost every department.

Oh and the founder of walmarts daughter is a lush who got away with drinking/driving and killing someone. And she is a older lady...sad world we live in some cases.

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just were do you work ladyscott walgreens or walmart i think you are a preety dumb paid troll.you could at least changed you user name for each different store on wlgreens site you say you work there on walmarts site you say you work at walmart.busted ladyscott


What does Sam Walton's daughter have to do with your complaint? Do you control your family member's actions?

Your issue is simple explained. We have been so busy with more important things than hanging signs, that it has caught up with us. Now, corporate is insisting that all rollbacks have the hang tags. If the item is marked down a penny, it has to have a rollback. So now we have to do all the old markdowns to catch up and get back on track.

Walmart does not place SALE signs. We never have sales. The only time you will see anything close to a SALE sign is a CLEARANCE sign or tag.