Killeen, Texas

st# 0381, Copperas Cove, TX 76522, For the vthird time in three months I have came into the produce section of this store and the russet potatoes in ten lb. bags were rotten and smelling badly.

I am tired of being ripped off by Walmart on produce. These bags cost $3.77 for ten lbs. Walmart buys them for $4.00 a hundred lbs. These potatoes were last years crop.

They were also starting to sprout which tells the customer they are last years potatoes.The potatoe sheds are dumping last years crop for cattle feed at $15 a ton. Your buyers are either incompetent or corrupt or both.

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I have had trouble here in Florida too. All the produce I get lately is rotten in a couple of days.

Tomato, potatoes, green peppers and even onions. I live on a tight budget and I can't afford to throw away food.


Lots of bad wallmart potatoes here in las vegas too. I went to make fries and in only a few days it was a bag of foaming smelly rotten potatoes. What is up with that? The bag I choose was in a pile of potatoes that were wet, I picked the bag that was dry. I thought it was strange but paid no mind to it. In hind sight I think they were all rotten and washed down to make them not smell so they could be sold.

Walmart supplies Master Chef TV show with the best, then serves the rest of america junk.

I am not so concerned about falling prices if it means I am buying food that I have to throw away.


West St Paul Mn has the same thing. The clerks don't know what to do about it either.

Plus they sold dry (fresh) 10# bags for 9.99 per bag. When I told them they were mispriced they thought it was wrong but didn't know what to do.

What would have happened if I didn't notice the price? rip off!