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I have written to the local Walmart where I go and their national 'compliant' department about the quality of the produce I have been receiving in the past year. but guess what?

NO ONE HAS TAKEN THE TIME TO ANSWER ANY of my letters. Do these *** think they are to big to even care anymore? What is their problem with answering complaints? I thought that a complaint department was suppose to do just that ANSWER COMPLAINTS.

Now on Friday I bought 3 pounds of tomatoes (yes the cardboard type they offer) and waited until today (Monday) to use them. When I picked them up they were dripping on the floor with a white mold all over them. Does Walmart CARE ABOUT THIS? Obviously NOT or I would have heard from them the last 4 times I wrote to them.

The manager of the store won't even address the issues as they will not put me through to him when I call, they just say "use our website for that" WHAT A BUNCH OF ***!

And to think I have added to their trillion dollar fortune - They are glad to rip-off the small guy. Need to build another ***, in the middle of nowhere, museum.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $250.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: No help with produce returns, Rotten tomatoes, Rotten apples, Rotten melons, No answer from to my complaint, Their so what attitude - helping.

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"I have written to the local Walmart where I go and their national 'compliant' department about the quality of the produce I have been receiving in the past year."...

Um, I don't understand. Why do you keep buying your produce there?

I mean really, if it's that bad why would you keep going back to buy more time again and time again?


If you live in Goodland KANSAS Wal-Mart has THE only groceries and produce in town. Minimum of 70 miles RT to a Safeway or Kroger.


Your doesn't even make sense. Regarding the issue of your tomatoes, if the were organic, I never expect organic produce to last real well.

I have accidentally grabbed some of that stuff on occasion, and within a day it is fuzzy or something.

Actually you not receiving a reply to your complaint, that is funny, because anytime I have emailed a complaint to them I get an acknowledgement within a couple hours stating that somebody will contact me within a week and they always do. Maybe it is your attitude that is your problem.


You sound like you work for Walmart. I have bought produce at our local Walmart recently.

More than half had to be thrown out. None was organic, it was just rotten. Luckily we have three other grocery stores in our little town.

I used to spend well over $1000 a month at Walmart. No more.