Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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On December 31, I purchased a 1 lb. container of strawberries from the Walmart store in Lehighton Pa.

They were spoiled on the inside and appeared mushy. I went thru the whole container and I had to throw away half of the container by Jan. 2. In todays economy this is a rip off and should not be permitted.

The strawberries came from Mexco and were packaged at Valley Fresh Produce in Watsonville, California.

This purchase cost me $4.88 and at least $2.50 were thrown away. I will no longer be purchasing this product or any other fruit from this vendor.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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What Anonymous said definitely holds through. If you knowingly bought rotten strawberries, then who's fault is that?

Did you check the date on the container?

Did you do anything more than just blindly grab the item and go glopping off to the register to buy it? Society has no responsibility to hold your hand for you for everything you do; so please don't blame it when it doesn't.


In the future, look before you buy. This happens at all retailers.

No one is perfect and can't check every single thing, every single second. Grow up, and learn to help yourself please.