2501 Lakeview Parkway, Rowlett, TX 75088
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6/30/19 went to get a pool vacuum. Says in stock pick up today.

I could not find it so I asked for help they pointed me in the direction I just looked in. I explained it's not there could it be elsewhere or in the back maybe. (PS complete pool and maintenance products come from walmart) no one would help went to customer service they said it's over there and pointed. Again I explained I just came from there it's not there I called customer service she stated I'm only an operator I cant help you?

What does Walmart even pay these people for? Can you not get someone suitable for a customer service position? I cringe going in this store over an hour dealing with the pool vacuum issues. You can't check out with a regular cashier yet when I leave there is a line going out the door so they can check receipts.

Come on Walmart as much money as you make you can't hire multiple cashier's instead one person to check receipts. If you have a the ft issue I'm sure it's with the self checkout. I can't believe our once friendly neighborhood Walmart is now full of people who won't help when needed and rude attitudes. This Walmart is horrible.

I will be changing my shopping to Target down the street where people actually have a personality not a minimalist working only for a weekly paycheck and takes no pride in their position or duties. 2 months ago my 5 year old was assulted by a customer and then the customer proceeded to threaten all my kids and wife. I called security who stated they can review security footage and told us to get what we need and leave they do not want a scene yet the grown woman who assulted my child got told absolutely nothing and the group she atracted as cheer leaders and mouthy back up verbal assult group. Telling my wife yeah you better get your white *** out of here before you can't leave.

They began filming my wife and kids saying white *** don't get put on Worldstar (a fight social media sites) all this in front of my children that are all single digits in age. Leaving them asking questions mom why did they call you a white *** mom are we ok?

Mom is someone going to help us? Rowlett tx Walmart is complete trash and it needs to be fixed

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: All customer service checkout counter phone all no help.

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You live in Texas what do you expect. Most likely the manager's sister is also his daughter.


Unfortunately it's not just that walmart.they are rude and unhelpful in the ones in Ohio too. I quit going there also.


When you shop at a big box, self service discount store you shouldn't expect much for service. Skip Target and head for a full service pools hop if it's service you want. Expect to pay a little more as the employees that will have to assist you don't work free.


There is NO excuse for rudeness.


You need to learn not to believe everything you read and hear. Some people embellish the story i hopes to get a gift card or something.

Besides the OP sounds rude and sarcastic. Hopefully one day his son gets a job in retail or fast food and is mistreated like he mistreated the employees.