I was at the walmart store in versailles,mo. My wallet was stolen and I could not even get anyone to help look for it.

I asked them the check trash in bathrooms,said they don't do that. This store has been hit several times. They have only 1 camara in the food section.I worked for walmart for 4 yrs and I would have never treat someone like the way I was treated.

I know times are tuff but these employees need to learn how to help people when thing like this happens. I don't care if I ever go back into a walmart store.

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Really? You are mad they wouldn't look in the trash?

Did you file a police report?

If you did file the report did you ask the responding officer to check the trash too. Lol lazy......

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Wrong smedrik,

It is not her responsibility, it is her parents respionsibility to make sure she left with everything she came with. Isn't it obvious that this was written by a nine year old child who is not old enough to be responsible for her actions. Also it is obvious that this person has never worked at Wal-mart because to work there you have to be 16 and this person is obviously nine years old. If she worked ther 4 years they would have had hired her when she was only five years old. If they did than maybe they were fired for behaving like an irresponsible child and losing valuable things.

Anyways to the OP, I am sorry that everyone is being mean to you, however when you lost your wallet you should have asked your parents for help. If by any chance you are older than nine grow up and be more responsible.


Your property is your responsibility.

What you are saying is that you wanted wal-mart to spare valuable employee time and resources to look for personal property you failed to take proper care of?


I bet if they dedicated employees to help you look you would then turn around and complain about the long lines or empty shelves.


I can honestly say I'm glad your wallet got stolen, I have no sympathy for someone so lazy that they can't look for it themselves.


It isn't Wal-Mart's fault you can't keep track of your things. It is also not their responsibility to find your lost things.

I can't believe you asked them to look in the garbage. Why don't you go digging through trash cans trying to find other people's lost items?

Christ, this complaint is ridiculous.

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