Oviedo, Florida

Orlando is a horrible horrible city…most of the people in this city you encounter are trash..angry bitter deranged lunatics..this is not a joke…this is the geenral population of orlando. You will only find very trashy disturbed people here…who are mean abusive and sick in the head and like being bullies or putting others down. So Im writing about my experience at a neighborhood Wal-Mart (located on alafaya and lake underhill in Orlando, fl) with a hideously ugly trailer trash wh*re…cashier, who looks like ugly trailer trash, and is so mean and abuses innocent customers for no reason and terrorizes them and gets away with it….this ugly trailer park wh*re should be fired, but as usual in orlando when there is a crazy deranged employee who harasses customers, these roaches usually get promoted or nothing happens. My experience not only shocked me, but I was left upset and traumatized by it all because I went in there late at night to peacefully shop and get my items and got harassed yelled at mistreated and bullied by a sub human psychopath who shouldn't be dealing with customers or the general population but should be put back in jail or the trailer park where this disgusting evil angry filthy worthless wh*re belongs.

I went to the neighborhood wal-mart located on alafaya trail and lake underhill at around 3 am on 8-2-2013. When I went inside, there was this ugly troll looking thing working there (the female im speaking of) and I nicely asked her a question about something. Now, you’d think that people would be nice and respond nicely…to a simple question? But this rude *** , answered back RUDELY to me, and was really short and snippy as if she was just being mean for no reason and seemed glad she was being mean to me. I’m an attractive female so this happens a lot in orlando because the people here are very angry disgusting weird sick people. They are either jealous or insane but this crazy mean *** fit into the cateogry. Ok no problem…I don’t care if she was kind of rude to me it wasn’t a big deal. I shopped all my items and then went to check out but before I went to check out I had to get something else. Then the ugly trailer park wh*re was standing there, and she rudely said “I”LL TAKE YOU HERE” basically just to be a *** right off hand….i just said…oh I” and before I could finish my sentence, this rude *** yelled WHATTTT”????? really loud…just to be mean and she yelled it very loud- as if she couldn’t hear me though I barely had said a word. She did it to be really mean to me and be obnoxious and just bully me for no reason, b/c she is hideously ugly I assume and jealous and just has to be abusive to a pretty female. I’m a very nice polite person and this was uncalled for and this horrible ugly red headed witch should be fired or reprimanded for thinking she can bully people. Also let me explain there are many very ugly looking people in orlando, fat and ugly and usually THESE are the bullies…they especially like to bully pretty nice people b/c for some weird reason they feel they can dominate kind nice people. It’s a sick thing and these warped people seem to think this way—this is what this crazy *** was doing…you could tell she was getting off on it and found it funny to yell and try to make me feel *** or just pick on me that way as she sort of 'smirked and smiled" after doing it because she was trying to upset me or just project her anger onto me as most psychopaths do.

I was of course then upset at her disgusting rude behavior, she had no reason to just yell and talk down to me that way. She was being rude and a *** for no reason…probably because she’s ugly filthy trailer park trash, old, *** and works at wal-mart…so she’s bitter and just wants to take it out on customers. Now this *** has red hair, looks about 60 or older and its long reddish hair, wears glasses and works the night shift I assume. So, of course now this hideous mean nasty rotten troll has to check my items out and at that point I should have requested anotehr cashier, but the problem is these days, there are so many crazy angry mental and deranged people out there…you don’t want to cause controversy or make things more difficult, so you just take your chances. This crazy woman already showed she is mean abusive and a bully and is bullying me for no reason…I should have. However, I went ahead and began to place my items on the conveyor belt. She began making it move of course to make it more difficult for me to just place them. Yes usually they have it move but they wait until you put all or most of your items, but she was continuing to be meaner and meaner and this hideous troll was NOT going to be in my presence without being abusive to me every minute she could get. Apparently, she was just so angry at me, an innocent customer for no reason and just angry in general and taking her anger out on random people. Of course no greeting or anything as this rude *** was getting a worse attitude with me, acting angry and slamming my things in bags….then, I showed her an attitude back just lightly slamming things on the conveyor belt b/c honestly I am really tired of these ugly orlando freaks just thinking they can pick on and abuse people esp NICE people for no reason. This crazy *** was warped angry bitter and has NO right doing this to any customer..ive worked as a cashier before and I WORK in customer service…if I ever did that in any of my jobs I would be reprimanded, but its surprising the things that criminal type trailer trash get away with in this horrible city—so long as you DO wrong to others, nothing will happen to you apparently. The people here seem to reward bad actions or any wrong. Also I would never do that to any customer...why would you do that to anyone much less a nice person? while working customer service jobs I am always extra kind to nice people and extra grateful for their kind attitudes as well. its sickening how in this warped society of today, these sick disgusting people are MEAN to nice people and abuse them MORE and take advantage of people who are nice rather than be nice to them.

Also this angry troll thing was ‘smirking’ as she was doing all this because she is an angry lunatic who was happy she was bullying me and that it was upsetting me—how twisted are these crazy people out there these days that they get off on abusing random people and feel HAPPY doing it? What kind of sick freaks exist in society today? You cant go to the store without dealing with this kind of terrible abuse and nonsense…just for shopping at wal-mart?? Taking the anger of a bitter ugly trailer park disgusting psycho from ***? this isnt' right or fair...this horrible lunatic psycho woman shouldn't even be allowed to have her disgusting hideous presence amongst the general public much less be in a position where she can abuse them for no reason...

So then the crazy evil *** gave me a total and I paid and I was trying to leave, but the rude angry troll still had an attitude and this *** had put all my few items in like 7 bags unnecessarily and all my items were spread out towards her side, most cashiers will twist the bag thing so you can get your items…I said to her..excuse me but can you push that to the side so I can get my items? Then this troll got mad and got upset and made a comment to me…she got angry (I cant remember what she said) but I said…oh yeah great customer service?? Then she began yelling and I said you’re REALLY RUDE…you have NO right to treat people this way…she said…EXCUSE ME WHAT DID YOU SAY???? I said YOURE RUDE….she said…WELL EXCUSE ME BUT IM REALLY BUSY!!!!! I maen are you joking me…this crazy animal feels she can yell at customers, yell mistreat innocent women for no reason and smile about it then continue to harass or berate them??? I don't know what kind of terrible world we live in today where crazy deranged animals/cashiers harass and berate customers and are mean to them for NO reason at all and feel they can bully and abuse people and get away with it. What kind of sub humans exist in society today its shocking. and these worthless trolls do this to 'NICE" people mostly...because they don't pick on angry evil people like themselves...they feel they can mistreat nice kind people. Sickos out there and this horrible ugly troll *** I hope she wench is reprimanded because I can tell you one thing...when I go into Wal-Mart, I NEVER want to be subjected to this ugly evil rat again and no customer should EVER be subjected to inhumane or rude or abusive treatment by ANY employee much less some pathetic cashier who I can guarantee has no education, is mean angry disgusting, is from a trailer park and Is just a trash person.

how dare this awful *** feel she can treat someone this way, and worse, these trolls like this wh*re are PROUD of being mean to someone and are glad they did this to some innocent person? this woman is a psychopath of some sorts or just an angry bitter ugly freak..either way...she needs to be kept AWAY from customers and back in the cages where criminal ugly trailer park trash like her belongs...she is an animal...(sorry insult to animals of course) but a jungle creature and should not be around the general public...nuts like tehse need to go take their anger out on something else or be working in the stockroom and away from the public and I hope this psycho *** is reprimanded for terrorizing innocent customers late at night...I was traumatized by it really upset and shaken up by having to get abused and get into a confrontation just for shopping at Wal-Mart. I'm a peaceful and nice person and do anything to avoid any kind of issues or confrontation and there are psychopaths working at Wal-Mart who think they can bully and abuse customers...im going to be taking this to corporate if I have to because this sick troll and monster is not going to get away with her abusive actions....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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F UCK POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!!!! IT'S NOT ILLEGAL TO SPEAK YOUR MIND YET! If the liberal f aggots have their way, nobody will be able to say anything.


wow, you serious need help you sick angry POS. And you need to get a life! you sound like you forgot your antipsychotic medication when you wrote this garbage!


I couldn't read the whole thing. you sould extreamly immature and full of yourself.


I could not read all of your complaint. By the language you use you are trash with all this garbage coming out of your mouth.

You say you are pretty.

Your mouth makes you look as ugly as sin. It takes trash to know trash you trailer trash who does not even deserve respect.


Oh lordy lady, im not being rude by amy means when I say this, you need medical help. No wonder you had rude service with your attitude, your going to countinue getting it too. Scream and cry your little abusive heart out.


And what a kind and and lovely person you are. And so humble.

I can tell by your post. It must be so hard to be so attractive and NICE.


Orlando is a tourist town they don't care how they treat people they don't expect to ever see you again. Even people that live in Orlando say businesses are rude and not customer friendly.

If someone is rude to me or tries to treat me badly I turn it right back on them and being employees that can't do anything except to tell you to leave but you can call them all kinds of names and they can't.... :grin :grin


You can call them names and they can't? Excuse me????? If you encounter a bad customer I would be 100% sure you would respond the same way


You sound like you are the one that should be called all those rude, ugly names. Being you posted a comment about about a fast food place in Orlando a little while ago.

Using the same type of language. Didn't your parents ever teach you it is easier to catch more flies with honey, than with vinegar.

Also when my brother was in Marine Corp basic training, his drill instructor told the guys that they only people that have to resort to swearing, foul language, and name calling are the ones that aren't smart enough to think of better words to use. So think that over.


"You will only find very trashy disturbed people here" Well, you are there aren't you? So I guess you are right - you appear to be trashy and VERY disturbed.


oh and yes im very upset..im a kind nice person and crazy Orlando people like this *** just are mean to me b/c I happen to be pretty...and b/c im nice they feel if they want to they can just abuse me for no reason and traumatize me just for shopping at Wal-Mart...this isn't fair or right. They see me as a non-threat who won't fight back BECAUSE im so nice..and if I even attempt to fight back guess what-- tehse psychos get hostile and then threaten to get aggressive with me.

this is how most of the crazy people in Orlando are..there are many crazy sick people like this there..theyre lower than freaking wild animals. They aren't human. I mean why randomly just get angry and mean to a random female for no reason who is just nice.. you have to be SICK to do that..really sick somewhere.

like I said I highly RESPECT nice people and go out of my way to be NICE to them. I find it so strange and odd that there are so many crazy freaks out there who enjoy ABUSING nice people..this is foreign to me. Why abuse just a nice kind person who is being friendly? this sick Wal-Mart wh*re is a twisted psycho and im sure nothing will be done about the terrible ordeal I had to go through.

also this ugly *** is inferior in every way...inferior person, ugly weird *** rude mean and these zombie like freaks that live here are everywhere...they are sick mean rotten evil people with no soul, who just abuse people for no reason and get away with it. no random customer should take the brunt and anger of some worthless *** out there... I really hope she IS getting abused though I doubt it because *** like that DESERVES to be abused...for hurting or bullying people for no reason. I despise bullies and I am one to ALWAYS ALWAYS stand up for any victim of abuse...and ALWAYS hate the pathetic hideous bully....I hate bullies more than anything and these *** mean people who feel they can mistreat others NEED to be reprimanded, but they rarely are!

if you complain about them nothing happens and im also now scared the next time I have to shop there I have to encounter this sick crazy wh*re and God knows what she's going to do next because these jungle creature freaks that live here are so angry crazy and warped...its not fair for ANYONE to have to go through that and then fear going to freaking Wal-Mart because there are angry ugly crazy Orlando trailer park freaks that work there.


the world is such a sick place. You freaks support those who mistreat others..you sick fukers. Then, you bully abuse victims, and support abusers...then you create this horrible cycle of evil that is part of this planet. and you encourage bullying and put down victims..you sick *** idiots... the world needs less of you worthless losers who do nothing but pollute humanity with your ignorance, and more GOOD people those who defend GOOD and put down BAD. the internet is your haven you trolls where you can pick on those who've been bullied or are complaining about something justifiably and put them down more b/c you low lifes get off on people's suffering or bad situations. Why are there so many of you freaks on this planet and not as many GOOD people out there...get the *** off these postings you terrible pathetic jerks and immoral losers.

oh and no one wants or needs not only your inane advice..but your ignorant rude replies...shooo you roaches...go join this ugly hideous troll *** at Wal-Mart and go bully random people since you ugly pitiful freaks that's all what you losers do in your spare time is hurt others for fun. those who bully others are weak pitiful hideous people, who are usually being bullied by someone else. You're weak disgusting losers...go jump off a cliff and do the world a favor you trash garbage people


how dare you call the author a sick person..freaks..youre sick people. people who are upset will call their abusers names...that's normal and its a healthy way of venting you jerks and low lifes. What is wrong with you psycho human race that you pick on and insult people who are complaining about those who abuse others...you have no morals at all. *** people and sick people. you like to fight those who get bullied or abused and to say that the person writing is rude...really? so abuse victims who are angry and call their abusers names are 'rude'...you sickos are very disturbed freaks. You are psychos and bullies yourselves for coming here and picking on someone who is reporting a bully....only BULLIES defend other bullies so you're bad people yourselves... what the *** is wrong with the insane human race...no morals nothing just sick disturbed people out there who support abusers... you sick people all need help. and most low lifes like you with no morals, are abusers yourselves, getting abused or just seeking attention....*** people.. also ive seen posts where you freaks are attacking innocent people writing about terrible situations. Get off people's postings here you trolls who support abusers...youre NOT wanted and your opinions are garbage. anyone who supports abuse is evil and a bad person...hope you all go to *** where you belong because you fight for bad wrong and the devil...pathetic losers...

also I don't need 'advice' on how to deal with corporate. ***... aren't there any good decent humans out there who really support GOOD and hate BAD...apparently not. You people seem to love and support any kind of bad or wrong and you take pride in it jus tlike this crazy evil woman. I hope youre all bullied to *** and get mistreated and abused and come crying here and I hope you get no sympathy support ..idiots..

anonymous...someone needs to take a dump in your ugly mouth you worthless psychopath.


It is a shame the author is such a sick person. She must be to write nonsense like she wrote!


It's obvious this has left you very upset. If I may offer some advice, the various insults won't get you far with corporate.

It just makes it seem like you're the rude one. 'specially when the insults make up more of the complaint than what you're complaining about does.


hey nicki...no offense but that is not a valid response to someone being rude to another human being. maybe you need some lessons in morality like this psycho woman im writing about.

You people are really sad. And commenting on the length of my report it took me about ten minutes to write that, im sure with your low IQ it took you about ten to type out your immature response.


I don't even know how to reply to this. But you have way too much time on your hands to write this entire thing.