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Would not honor another stores lower prices and manager was rude the day before ready to check out and every line we went to they said we are taking no more customers. There was still about 80 people in line at 2 registers and the quick check out was closing and the store was still opened for another 2 hours.

So we went to Target both times. Your store lost about 400.00 dollars from us. Will never use your store again .

You have a bunch of black girls with bad attitude. You need to hire people who want to work.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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"Black girls"? WTF

Another drama queen, you'll be back.


Anonymous, what do you mean? you enjoy little boys reading your comments.

I sure hope you won't read this comment because it's not like you'll respond with anything relevant anyway.

to the original poster, calm down. you sound like all of the other whiny customers that shop there. learn how to type better too.

it sounds like you're saying that the manager was rude the day before you were ready to check out..? and 80 people waiting to be rung up, yeah okay.


He's in Alberta he says, those IP tracers don't work.

Sure hope this isn't read by a ten year old child from Ontario, Canada. :p :grin :p

"There was still about 80 people in line at 2 registers" Between your gross exaggeration and bad English, your complaint lost it's credibility. No one will take you seriously.

"You have a bunch of black girls with bad attitude." The "black" thing didn't have anything to do with your complaint now did it?

$400? Yeah, right.


Yes, that does sound like a typical Walmart experience, unfortunately.


"Your store lost about 400.00 dollars "

And they probably made that much money from the time you left their front door to the time you went to your car.


"Would not honor another stores lower prices"

1) The store probably was in Mexico

2) The sale for the store in Mexico probably expired 5 years ago

When you specify the race of the employees you are really giving yourself away as a moronic bigot who no one wants to take seriously! Most reasonably intelligent people are able to complain about a service without being racist.

Why did it matter what color they were? It didn't. 80 people in line?

Yeah, that's a good one. :roll :roll

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