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The cashiers at Walmart are overall horrible horrible people like they hire freaks to work there. every time I go to Walmart and deal with a cashier that person is very rude and not friendly never greeting me ever. Most cashiers I deal with are very negative and angry and they just want to throw bad energy at you they are really horrible people. They can't say a simple hello how are you to you nothing and they do it on purpose because they want to be as negative and mean to you as possible. I went to the neighborhood market Walmart near Curry Ford Road on Alafaya Trail in Orlando fl.

It's great to go at night or when there are no people but unfortunately you have to deal with the rude stock people and the rude cashiers and there is no self checkout.

Usually there is a very fat ugly mean Hispanic female there and she does the same thing never greets me she's a very negative I'm sure it's due to the fact that I'm an attractive female and she's a jealous *** however this time I went and it was a male and he did the same thing he didn't greet me he was very rude and then he began coughing on me. Coughing at me this is something that nasty people do when they're trying to degrade you in public though just fake cough in order to basically throw bad energy at you. Such awful people on this planet today that people are so negative and filthy and disgusting just to customers. Especially towards pretty women being an attractive woman I get harassed and degraded at many places by jealous crazy people and he's filthy people are everywhere and they are horrible people. You would think males would be nicer to you if you're pretty but the sad truth is that most of these males are highly insecure and hateful of attractive women and they will go out of their way to basically treat you like dirt it seems to be some kind of consensual societal things these days. I believe it's the takeover of the ugly arrogant humans out there that they hate on pretty people and literally lash out at them.

I know the reason this male did this to me it's because I'm a pretty female and he was attracted to me and he just wanted to basically treat me like dirt which is what most Orlando does if you are an attractive female. However this bad treatment is much worse at Walmart I gently opt for self checkout even though I love shopping at night when nobody's there but unfortunately there is no self check out and you're forced to endure these nasty pathetic lowlife like these losers at Walmarts That will do everything just to throw negative energy at you and be as negative as possible.

When he handed me the receipt he said enjoy that was the only thing this imbecile said to me during the entire interaction it's it's sickening how people of these kinds of disturbing negative people will do everything just to throw negative energy at somebody and to be such rude and negative. It's part of their job to greet the customer even in a robotic manner however these people purposely degrade customers as they want because they fit because they just want to do it and they're just really *** bad people. So the customer I got no greeting and I got coughed on in adegrading way by a dumb pathetic male who just felt that it was his place to treat me rudely. Humans today are so hateful that they feel entitled to just abusing people and the sad thing is if you are an attractive woman and people are jealous of you these ugly are just jerks will treat you in this way if I was a cashier I would never treat anybody this way at the very least I would at least greet them but I would probably never hate anybody for any reason the way these horrible people have this anger and hatred towards customers and how badly they treat them.

Even the stock guy though he was nice but he kind of treated me as if he was catering to me and I wasn't appreciative of it I'm kind of getting in my face and being a *** it seems that like if you are an attractive woman you do with all these loser disgusting people that just feel they can treat you like *** and there were jealous and hateful towards you and they're angry and bitter and resentful and it's it's pretty pathetic. I know that whenever I go to Walmart I have to encounter an associate they're always very rude the cashiers are deplorable they should have a self check out 24 hours a day we has customers should not be forced to deal with these abusive people and I'm saying this because most of these people are very rude and abusive people and it's unfair that we have to deal with their bad attitudes towards us just in order to purchase some items.

So as the customer for me to go purchase items at Walmart I have to deal with a bad attitude a rude attitude deal with not getting greeted and worse deal with an employee just coughing on me because he wants to do everything bad to me that he can if he if he was allowed to he would probably punch me out just because I'm a pretty female and these misogynistic lunatics have this hatred for women or these crazy jealous people just feel they can treat u badly. Idiots. Since we are in the technological age I really think they need to get rid of human cashiers are at least provide an alternative because there're so many terrible people out there is cashiers honestly in order to go purchase things that you need you have to endure these negative bad people and it's really a *** experience. I can understand the ugly dumb mail not greeting me fine but he had to take the extra step and cough on me and that's what really pushed it over the edge that's with negative people do to positive people in society today because these dark *** people hate people that are positive and nice. Most of the filth that works at Walmart they're just regular humans however they seem to be very negative *** people and Walmart always *** sucks. *** you Walmart in the *** that you hire and your *** cashiers who are always rude negative dark. trash. The mail had brown hair and he was whites probably in his 20s another angry misogynist with a chip on his *** shoulder who just doesn't like women and loathes pretty women these days that is the basis of the male population. Thank God for self checkout. It helps so much during the day. And years ago a white female cashier at walmart angrily threw my receipt at me. She was getting angrier and angrier in my presence and just went nuts. Crazy sickos work at walmart. Get these monkeys away from the general public. If it was me now I would make sure that bltch got fired

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was with you as I have had similar negative experiences @ one local Walmart. Where you lost me is when you blamed the behavior on " I am an attractive female." The clincher was when you said that you get bad treatment virtually everywhere for the same reason.

I will admit as a fellow "attractive female" this can cause one to be treated badly but that is very rare. Bad customer service is normally not personal, these people are allowed to be lazy and rude and believe me they do it to all, attractive or not. The unfortunate thing about your complaint is that by making this strange observation you lost your credibility and even a person that can relate in some respects stopped believing your complaint. This was mainly because you stated that this happens to you a lot, not just here.

In the future stick to the facts and do not attempt to offer a reason for bad behavior. Particularly this reason.

You come off as a person that is not quite in touch with reality or one that uses their "attractiveness" to get special treatment and when that doesn't work you have a tantrum.

I hope the people @ Walmart have a different take on this as you should receive great customer service, but I fear their reaction was much like my own.


Why should any employee be expected to greet a customer, that isn't what they are getting paid for. They are there to serve the customer which is what they are doing, even if they don't greet you and ask how you are.

Why on earth should they ask a complete stranger how they are? I have always considered small talk a waste of time, just like talking about the weather, there isn't anything that can be done about it. Employees aren't there to socialize. Furthermore, you are the the rude, nasty person, because of the way you described the employees, and the fact that apparently your parents didn't raise you to know that it isn't polite to brag about your appearance.

Beauty is as beauty does, and true beauty comes from the inside, it doesn't show on the outside. Really when you brag about your looks that makes you the ugly one.

Grow up and get back on your meds.


Thanks. I needed a laugh.


This was the best laugh I've had in a long time. Thanks for sharing!


Off your meds again???