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For information purposes – My store number was 2479 and my terminal number was sc010936. The time and date on my receipt is 7/20/15 @ 18:47:37. To Whom It May Concern, My name is Jenniffer Jenkins and I have been a loyal customer for years. I go to the Walmart on College Grove in San Diego, Ca quite frequently. I am absolutely appalled by the behavior of your associates. Yesterday, July 20th – around 530pm, I went to stock up on groceries and items needed for the house. One of the last items needed was a pair of gloves from your automotive department. I found the ones I needed, but unfortunately, they were locked. FIRST THING: It was horrible trying to find an associate to help me and when I did I waved at her to get help. She looked at me, and then walked away. A few moments later, she came back around and pointed at herself gesturing if I needed her. I nodded yes and when she was almost to me, I began to speak. She immediately lifted her hand in the in air and said, "Stop, let me get over there." Who does that? I was taken back at the rudeness but decided to ignore it and ask for the gloves when she was near. I saw her name tag said Vivian. Vivian said she had to go to the empty register to find the key to get the gloves for me. She said to walk over to the gloves and she would meet me there. So I did and waited and waited and waited. About 10 minutes or so passed and I wondered where she was, being that the register was 2 aisles from where I was. I decided to go over there to see Vivian checking out someone at the register. I very perturbed, since I was waiting upon waiting to initially find someone, let along told to go and wait by the gloves for help. My cart was full and she finally made her way to me and said to me to tell her exactly which gloves I wanted to see. I told her and she took them out. She looks at me and very rudely says, "So, are you just going to try them on or are you going to pay for them?" I said they weren't for me and I needed to pay for them. She said that she couldn't give me the gloves and to meet her at the register. I asked her if she could check out my cart also, so I didn't have to wait in two lines and pay twice. Vivian said to me that as long there was no produce and she didn't have to weigh anything, there was no issue. She pointed me in the direction of the register and disappeared. A minute or so later, your associate, David showed up to the register in the gym/fishing area. He asked if I could help him and I said Vivian had some gloves I needed to buy and she was helping me. Vivian came back with the gloves and handed them to David and told him to help me and then left. Although, Vivian was very rude and not very customer service oriented, I ignored it and left it be. SECOND INCIDENT: David saw my cart of items and said that he couldn't help me. He could ring the gloves, but I had too much stuff to ring up the rest. I said that Vivian had told me that as long as nothing needed to be weighed, there was no issue. It was now around 630PM by this time, I have back issues and have had to deal with Vivian. I was very irritated at this point, as you could imagine. He said to me, he doesn't know why Vivian had said that to me and he refused to help me. He proceeds to tell me that his register is like an express register and can only help me ring up to 15 items. I said that Vivian didn't have an issue and David told me that he wasn’t going to do it. I looked around the register for any signs stating that this was an express register only. I did not see any sign stating that the register is only allowed a minimal amount of items. I told him I don't see a sign and he said rudely again, you have too much stuff and I cannot help you. David then said that the only thing he could do was walk me and my items to the Garden Center for check out. I was so mad at this point, that I just wanted to get out of the store with my stuff and go home. I had worked all day, spent all this time in the store and had to deal with two very rude and unhelpful people. So now here I have to stand in line to check out. FINAL STRAW: I had to stand in this line at the Garden Center and wait for the next available register. That wasn't an issue as I was not looking for special treatment, just a way to get out of this store. This is when Daniel helped me check out. He asked how I was and I proceeded to tell him that I was dissatisfied with the previous associates and he just ignored me. He didn't respond with anything and starting checking me out. I told him it wasn't his fault as I was placing items on top of the counter for check out and near the end of the items in my basket; Daniel says that he has run out of room. Ok, so instead of helping me get out of the store quicker, he just stands there as I try to finish placing all my items on the counter so we can start placing the bags in the now empty cart. Instead of Daniel getting another cart or offering to help me, he still stops what he is doing to watch me put the bags in my cart. I look at him staring at me while I'm trying to get them loaded. I finally tell him sarcastically, "No, really that’s okay; I'll load this all myself." Now I know it's not his job to be the bag boy, but I did have a full cart of groceries. Some help would have been appreciated. To just stand there and watch a woman fill the cart like a bag boy and do nothing is so horribly rude and ill-mannered. Mind you, by this time I was thoroughly angered, but I still managed to keep my composure. This was the end point; dealing with one rude associate is bad enough and then two, but three people in a row. I was at my wits end! Daniel says, "Oh, sorry…" and then still waits while I fill the cart. When there are only maybe 4 or 5 bags left, he then proceeds to help me. I left so mad and furious and my back was killing me so badly that I made a decision to never come back to your store. I constantly have spent $300-$700 bucks at your stores every week or two. How in the world do you expect customers to come back when they are treated so rudely? I felt like trash! Please review the tapes if you can to see what I had to go through. I can't believe you employ such people at your facilities. These are the people you chose to represent your company? I am appalled and will be placing this on my Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram accounts. You really need to send your employees to some training programs for at least courtesy. Something! I will now shop at Target or anywhere else even out of my way just to avoid your store. Just the thought of what I had to go through with an injured back, let alone this horrible hot weather, is just unsettling. I really hope you speak with your employees and have them acknowledge the error of their ways. I don't wish this to happen to anyone else.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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